29 Week OBGYN Visit

I kinda put off writing this because I’m still waiting to hear from Stacy about the birth plan but in order to keep things chronological, I’ll go ahead and write about it then just update everyone once the birth plan gets the go ahead!

I had my last appointment with Stacy on Wednesday this past week. I went by myself and didn’t mind because I didn’t want to feel rushed with the visit or distracted by Kye. No major stuff happened so I didn’t feel the need to have Zach there.

It was the first appointment I think I’ve EVER had where I didn’t have a list of questions…I really didn’t have any to ask! I was just there two weeks ago…not much has happened pregnancy wise ya know? Blitzen’s heart rate was in the 140’s (same as the 4d Ultrasound the day before). My glucose test from the last appointment came back perfect and my blood pressure was (surprisingly) lower than it has been. I told the girl who took my blood pressure that I was sure it was going to be SKY HIGH because I had just come from the bank dealing with all this LLC stuff for Zach’s work and I was beyond stressed.

We talked about how the flight went with Vegas and how Disney went and I told her how I slept on the plane during the red eye and got swollen. I asked her what to do about Hawaii and she said as long as the swelling went down quickly that I shouldn’t worry too much about it and should focus on getting rest. She hadn’t gotten to go to the meeting yet on the birth plan but told me she’ll have an answer for me about it before she leaves for maternity leave on Oct 7th!

I did get her a little present which felt kinda funny (walking around the waiting room with a gift in hand is awkward!) but I wanted to get her something for Andi Katie and to thank her for all she’s done for me for both of my pregnancies. I hate that we haven’t been able to see any of them through to delivery day together yet but the time will come eventually 😉 She’s been AMAZING and I’m so thankful that we met! I couldn’t find her registry anywhere so I went with a random present – this cute owl toy!

I also showed her the pictures from the 4D ultrasound and the first one she saw showed Blitzen pretty smushed up (like I said, the quality wasn’t as amazing as I would have liked). It did make me a little nervous because when she saw the picture she asked me if they said anything about the baby having cleft lip. Once she saw all the other pictures she said it was fine but for that second it made me nervous!!! I, being the freak I am, googled 4D images of baby’s with cleft lips and Blitzen looks nothing like those so I feel fine about it but I will ask again at the 32 week ultrasound just to double check 😉

Next appointment is the LAST ultrasound! I’m ~hoping~ Zach is able to make it. His crazy busy schedule may not let him though 🙁 SO I may end up moving it, because I think it’s important that he’s there for it. I don’t really want Kye there though. I’ll be meeting with Marie, who I’ve never met before, and I want to be able to make a good first impression and not be distracted by Kye! I’m nervous about finding a new midwife with so few visits left and forming a bond with someone. I’m nervous that my birth plan will scare them all off and make them not want to work with me. I’m just going to be ULTRA nice and outgoing and thankful for everything! I know God will put the right person in my path for the delivery 🙂

I’ll miss Stacy but am anxious to make the rounds with the other midwives and see if any of them will be someone who will have my back with this natural childbirth thing!

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