25 Week OBGYN Visit

Since my appointment Monday here’s how the spotting patrol broke down: spotted mostly brown multiple times Monday, pink spotting Tues morning (with a call to the dr…they said since I was coming in today to just wait it out unless it got worse), then no more spotting until last night. I had pink last night before bed and again this morning. Let’s just say it made me VERY nervous for my appointment this morning!!!

Thankfully Zach is home (he was gone Sunday-Wed! YIKES!) and he and Kye were able to go with me this morning. I knew from the appointment Monday that the baby is fine so I wasn’t overly concerned about that type of thing, I was more worried that I’d get put on bed rest. I really appreciate all the mommies who have written me telling me they’ve gone through the same thing (you have NO idea HOW comforting that is!!!) and so many of them said that they ended up on legit bed rest. I do not want that. Not only do I not want to miss out on all the upcoming (non-refundable…) trips we have planned, but I don’t want to have to ask for that much help from other people or miss out on being a full time mom to Kye.

All my stats were good (I lost 2 lb by their scale since Mon…I swear dr scales are crazy) and they asked me if I was doing better. I told them that I’ve still had some spotting so they told me to go ahead and take off my pants for an exam. Zach and Kye came back and I was SO happy to see Stacy!!! I think Teresa did a great job Monday but Stacy just knows me and she handles things the same way I do. She doesn’t freak out and is just very reassuring. First thing we did was listen to the heartbeat. It was in the 130s-140s then also jumped up into the 150s. 🙂

Next she did the exam, so not a fun thing to have done! She told me right away that I have inflammation of the cervix. It’s an exterior thing. Nothing inside of me, nothing to do with the baby, nothing affecting the baby, nothing coming from the baby. She said it’s caused by the increased blood flow I have from being pregnant (just like why pregnant women often get bloody noses). She showed me the tong looking thing they use “down there” and it had some pink and some brown on it. She wanted Zach to look at my cervix so he could explain it to me what was going on but he declined. We’re not really into seeing that kind of stuff haha. If she says it’s something relatively normal then I trust her completely 😉 Having sex or being overly active can cause it to bleed the way it has and she just barely touched it with a q-tip thing and the q-tip had blood on it. It should stop in a couple of days.

The inflammation could also be caused by something bacterial so she ran another test for that but said that if it comes back negative and I’m still bleeding some to let them know. She’ll go ahead and get me some medicine to treat a bacterial infection as the test only really looks for one type. So just because it may come back negative doesn’t mean I don’t have something. She said I do NOT need bed rest (praise the LORD) but that taking it easy and resting often is always a good thing (amen!).

I am so so SO relieved and SO thankful to all of you for the prayers! I really believe that prayer is a powerful thing and thing it helped me to have good news this morning. I honestly thought she was going to say I had to be on bed rest so this is AWESOME news. Especially that it’s nothing baby related 🙂 While I’m thankful for the news, I’m also taking it as a very serious warning. I truly believe that all of this has been God telling me to chill out. I must rest. It’s not an option. I have to ask for help more, I have to let others help more, and I have to slow down. I feel silly saying that b/c I stay at home! You’d think I’d be in a great situation for rest ya know? So many working moms are on their feet all day and make it work, but having a toddler isn’t a joke either I guess and I think running around after him is enough on my body and this baby.

Zach and I need to sit down and have a good conversation about all of this. I want to know what he thinks and come up with some type of plan (imagine that…I want a plan!) as to how we’ll get through the next 15 weeks. I dug my ancient lap top from high school out of the attic and have ordered a lapdesk and a wireless card (yes, it’s so old it doesn’t have one built in) so I can start blogging from the bed in an effort to rest more. I’m going to rearrange some of my bathroom stuff so I can get ready without bending over a thousand times. I’m going to cut back on my social life (which has already been majorly decreased due to Zach’s constant travel and working on the storage shed). And I’m sure there’s other things I/we can do to ensure this baby stays PUT for a least 13 more weeks 🙂

Stacy and I went over my birth plan again (Kye went to go play with her son down the hall…they had a blast together!) and only found one thing to add to it and then it’ll be finalized! I’ll be posting it on here soon in case anyone else is interested in what one looks like (I had to Google it myself to see!). She also wrote me a prescription for compression stockings. So pumped for those haha. But I need them for the two flying trips I have coming up…they are gonna be thigh-high and sexxxxxxy.

I asked about my milk not leaking yet and she said it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean I’ll have problems breastfeeding or anything like that. I talked to her about how HARD this child kicks me and she said that all movement is good movement so it’s a blessing to feel Blitzen so much!!! But that if it’s already painful…it’ll only get worse the further along I get. I also mentioned to her about the extra discharge I’ve noticed and she said it could be a bacterial infection and the test she’s running will let us know that. I also asked if she had any tips for handling the pregnancy mask junk and she said I can get microdermabrasion while pregnant if I want to but I kinda think it’s pointless? Maybe after Blitzen arrives I’ll do it 🙂

We go back in two weeks so this officially begins my every two week visit schedule! It’s getting very real here people!!! Since Stacy doesn’t leave for five more weeks I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see her two more times. I’m so, so glad this appointment had a great result and it put SO many of my worries at ease. Now I can enjoy Labor Day Weekend with Zach and Kye and not have to be scared every time I go to the bathroom. Thank you SO much again for the prayers, I love that I have a core group of about 5-7 friends that I can text anytime I need a prayer and I know they will stop right then and say one for me. That’s an awesome thing isn’t it? They really made a difference for me and Blitzen, so keep ’em coming!

PS: (It seems like RIGHT after I post a blog entry about this stuff the dr calls me, the same thing happened on Monday haha!  The sample Stacy took this morning came back negative for any bacterial infection!)


  1. Ashley Troutman
    September 1, 2011 / 6:13 pm

    I can't believe she offered Z a sneak peek of your cervix!  hahaha  

  2. Amanda Phillips
    September 1, 2011 / 6:24 pm

    LOL, me either!!! That is hilarious! But hey, at least she is one of those down to earth people! ;o) So thankful everything is fine. 

  3. Danielle B
    September 3, 2011 / 4:09 pm

    Whew! So relieved and thankful right there with ya! Our prayers worked, and God is good! Now, enjoy the rest of this pregnancy as much as possible!You wanted to do that with # 2, remember? HE is in control, so just trust, trust, trust.  And btw, you ARE a SUPER cute pregnant girl! (lady? i don't know what to call you…i'll stick with girl- haha!). Really!!  Love ya! :)Some more verses for ya:Matthew 6:25-27Psalm 55:22Psalm 46:1John 14:1Isaiah 12:2Matthew 11:28-30

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