22 Week OBGYN Visit

This morning we headed to the dr for another monthly visit. Our last visit was the ultrasound, so of course this one wasn’t as exciting. I was a little nervous about Kye’s behavior because when I picked him up from Gramma’s this morning (he stayed the night so we could go with Casey and Jordan to see their wedding venue…I LOVE IT!) he was crying and crying to go back to her house. He and I prayed the entire ride to the dr to help him calm down, and Jesus helped us for sure! He had great behavior!!!

My appointment was at 8:30 and my name had already been called when I got there (benefit of having a hubby get there before I did!) so it was a mega fast morning which made for a nice visit! We prepared our birth plan to take with us. I did not have a birth plan with Kye and had to fight many a battle while in the labor room. Since Stacy can’t be with me for delivery, we decided to write up a detailed birth plan with our wishes so she can sign off on it and discuss it with the other drs and midwives so we ~hopefully~ won’t have the same struggles. Stacy and I only get to see each other for a couple more appointments before she leaves to have her baby so I wanted to have time for us to finalize it together.

All my stats looked good and the scale was a lot better since my bladder wasn’t mega full like last time. Their scale says I’ve gained 4 lb total while mine says 3 so that’s pretty close (especially since I always weigh naked at home and obviously couldn’t do that there!). At this appointment with my last pregnancy I had gained 10 lbs overall and had the WORST experience with a rude dr (you can read about it here). I’m thankful that a) I haven’t gained that much weight and b) that I got to see Stacy and not that jerk 😉

We got to hear Blitzen’s heartbeat and it was in the 140s. It’s still strange that this baby has a slower heart rate than Kye’s…his was always SO high! Which puts to rest the whole “high rate means girl, low means boy” thing! Kye enjoyed hearing it and wanted to hear the baby in his tummy too. After we were done Kye sat sweetly in my lap through the whole appointment. At one point I asked Stacy about having the nurses clean off the baby before I hold it because all that blood and junk is kinda nasty when the baby first comes out and Kye kept saying “nasty!” over and over again.

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but this is a good place to mention it. We were STOKED about our two free Aflac trips this October…one to Italy for a Mediterranean Cruise and the other to Hawaii! Sadly, we found out I’ll be too far along in my pregnancy to do the cruise (and the cruise line has STRICT rules about it). While I was devastated at first, Zach and I both realized that it’s God’s plan. From the beginning Stacy didn’t feel good about it and Zach admitted that he’d been very worried about it and had prayed on it frequently. Guess God answered his prayers huh? We will still be going to Hawaii with Aflac and are hoping to go to Italy for our 5 year anniversary in May since we can’t go on the cruise. Which I’m more excited about than I was the cruise because we really aren’t cruise people and we’ll be able to see ALL the sites instead of just a couple days worth. I filled Stacy in on everything and she agreed that it’s for the best that we aren’t going but did say that I need to get my prenatal records to take with us to Hawaii and get some sexxxxxy compression socks to wear on the plane.

I asked if I have to take the epidural class again. Obviously I zero percent plan to have an epidural but I heard that if you have to have an emergency c-section they won’t give you the epidural unless you take the class. She said I do not have to sit through the class again but do need to go sign some forms just in case. I mentioned the pain I’ve had after intercourse and she said it’s very normal and that while I may feel pain, the baby won’t so it’s perfectly safe to be intimate (although to be honest, I’m still nervous about it!?). She also reassured me that the ligament pains are very normal and will probably get worse as I get bigger!

Overall it was a nice short and sweet visit! It’s ALWAYS a blessing to hear our sweet baby’s heartbeat and to catch up with Stacy. I’m racking my brain to think of everything I need to talk to her about at our next couple of appointments before she leaves me!!! I realized that after my next monthly visit I’ll then be starting the every other week ones…and THAT stresses me OUT. Um…it’s getting decently close to the finish line and I have a TON TO DO!!!! As soon as Kye and I walked in the door I went to work cleaning out the freezer and organizing the pantry (don’t ask me why but I ALWAYS start with cleaning out food for some reason?!?). I’m making a list of things to tackle so I won’t feel so overwhelmed!!!

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    August 3, 2011 / 6:32 pm

    I'm not really in your same school of thinking as far as deliveries go, so take this for what it's worth, but I don't mind waiting until after they clean up the baby to hold it.  I have waited 10 months I can wait a few minutes…  When they are cleaning up the baby is usually when Greg and I are crying together and enjoying our SURPRISE gender and talking about the name!!

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