22 Week OBGYN Visit

Just got home from my 22 week check-up! Since this was just a heartbeat quick check I decided to bring Britt along. I wanted her to get to hear her baby brother or sister ๐Ÿ™‚ It also worked out where Zach didn’t have a meeting this morning so he was able to come too!

It was a frazzled morning and I ended up forgetting my birth plan on the counter in the kitchen when I walked out the door. Boo. Sidenote but I also forgot my bag of returns for Hobby Lobby and drove all the way there after the appointment before I realized it. Sigh. Thanks pregnancy brain ๐Ÿ™‚

I LOVE the early morning appointments because you are in and out so fast! Right when I got there they called me back. The girl who took my blood pressure asked if I have typically low blood pressure? To which I answered…I have no idea. They always tell me when they check it that it’s “good” so I just go with that ๐Ÿ™‚

Britt was excited for the visit and LOVES to go to the doctor. How random is that? She crawled up on the table and sat with me while we waited for Stacy and we did the heartbeat check as soon as she came in. I loved watching Britt’s little face as she listened. It sounded SO FAST to me but was in the 150s and Leo was moving like crazy! Enough to where I even saw a kick that made the heart beat finder thing bounce up in Stacy’s hand ๐Ÿ™‚ Love our active baby! 

When we left I asked Britt if she liked hearing the baby and she said yes and I asked her what it sounded like and she said “the baby walking” which is pretty true! I’m glad she was able to be there to hear it and especially glad Zach was there too. There is no sound sweeter!

The visit was very quick but I asked a few questions:

  • Ireland is RIGHT around the corner. Stacy said to wear my compression stockings and to get up to walk around every 2-3 hours. Which is MUCH better than what the pediatrician told me last week…she said every 45 min! Stacy said that since the flight there is through the night that I’m okay to sleep longer than the 2-3 hours. 
  • She also said to take one baby aspirin on the travel days to help and that it’s fine to take benedryl if I have any flight anxiety!
  • I asked about my back pain and she said she bought a pillow at Target that has a massager in it and has heat and she uses that to help her back. She said I’m doing all the things I can do to help it and that the belt thing I found may or may not make a difference. She said the belt thing is one of those things where the more you spend, the better it works. She also said she can write a prescription for one that would be better than anything I can find on Amazon. But that when she used it it was annoying so she’d always end up taking it off. I may just try to wait it out as long as I can!
  • I told her I’m going to bring the birth plan next visit since I forgot it. She feels confident that i won’t need it but she wants to sign it and have it on file just in case she can’t be there or something goes down, which I agree about!
  • I talked to her a good bit about when I go into labor. I’m hoping to wait until I’m 8 cm this time which is cutting it close. She said they’ve never had a car delivery for a first born baby but have had quite a few for a third baby. Zach was nervous about that haha! I asked if I should call the hospital to tell them I’m coming and she said it wouldn’t really speed up any of the process but that I should text or call her and let her know so she can be prepared and that way too if she can’t be there she can get ahold of Theresa and make sure she’s there this time for us! 
  • I know this is my THIRD time doing this but I asked her how I will know when to leave for the hospital haha. But, legit, I did NOT know I was in labor with Britt! Ask Crissy and Robyn b/c I was texting them both asking them how far apart contractions should be and even when driving to the hospital I called Stacy and she didn’t believe me that I was in labor b/c I sounded too upbeat haha. She said to make sure I don’t come until contractions are 5 min or less apart but with Britt they were like 2-3 min apart very early on in labor so I don’t know if the timer is too good of a judge, which she agreed about.
  • She said when I start to get miserable that it’s probably a good time to go ahead and come. Zach gets SO NERVOUS while I’m laboring at home. She said to expect labor to be MUCH faster this time so I just have a feeling that my labor at home stage will be quick
  • We did talk more about the whopping cough. I know, I talk to her about it every visit haha! But there have been TWO babies here locally that have died from it so it’s a legit concern. Unfortunately we can’t get the vaccine at the ob office so I need to schedule an appointment for Zach and I to go get the DTAP somewhere else and I need to go after my next OB visit!

On my way out Stacy mentioned that based on their scales I’ve only gained 8 lbs total which is awesome for being this far along! I mean I never even look at their scale (home scale I did weigh yesterday and it says I’ve gained 4 total) but I’m glad she said it’s good so far! Casey has only gained 10 total and is 7 weeks ahead of me so I’d LOVE to stay behind her weight gain but we’ll see haha

It was a great visit, love hearing our healthy baby, and thankful Zach and Britt were able to be there with me! I don’t go back for another month so I’ll be sure to bring my birth plan along next time ๐Ÿ™‚

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