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Spear's 4 Month Well Visit

Spear's 4th month well check was on Monday April 16th. We had THE first appointment which was so nice! With the shot appointments I really like Zach to be there. I don't want my kids to have issues with needles and I think his calm nature about them really makes a difference. It worked out great that we were able to have an early morning appointment time before he had to head to work! Big boy! Daddy took him to be weighed while I answered questions about our family!  This girl is SO EASY and just hangs out and waits patiently! Not pumped for shots ;)  While I'm not a fan of these forms we have to fill out at each visit, I do LOVE that it gives me a chance to see what milestones are typical around this age and to see how Spear is doing. Makes me proud to be able to check off all those little boxes! And with him being the fourth kid it's an easy way to keep it all in mind ;)  Up until this visit we've seen the legit pediatrician each ti

Spring Break: Epcot

On our last full day of our trip (Saturday) we spent the morning at Disney Springs. We headed back pretty early so ALL the kids could nap and then the big three and I headed to Epcot. It was my first solo mom experience at night  at the parks. Nights at the parks tend to be more crowded and  it means dealing with the massive crowd of people when exiting at closing. Plus the dark is just a new ballgame vs when it's nice and bright and light outside. I'm just conquering all these park goals ;) When we arrived at Epcot we went straight to get some pics and this was an odd location but I'm always all about finding the photo pass person without anyone waiting so whatever. It works! Tess was moody. She's very hit or miss with photos so I figured we'd do individual pics instead ;) Magic Photos have become Britt's FAVORITE. I've started letting the photo pass photographers KNOW that she LOVES these pictures and will even specifical
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