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Britt Monthly Summary: April 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Britt's quick April update! Britt lost her 6th tooth this month and FINALLY pulled it out herself for the first time ever! I'm so interested with her teeth because she's lost so many, so quickly, at such a young age. I'm interested to see how they grow in and what she'll end up needing regarding braces etc. She may need 'em before Kye does at this rate!

Kye Monthly Summary: April 2018

A quick summary from Kye's April! I am totally in love with the adorable Star Wars pjs I found for the kids from Disney Store! I want to find Zach a set...any suggestions for a mens xl?  So epic!

My Target Disney Haul: You Tube Channel!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Zach and I have been talking for awhile now about starting up a YouTube Channel for our family adventures and I've had several people mention it to me over the years but I always just felt kinda awkward about it. When Instagram first introduced the Story feature I quickly became pretty obsessed about it and enjoy connecting with people via Stories and the videos featured there. It naturally progressed into the idea to jump on YouTube! We are VERY new at this and have a LOT to learn so go easy on us as we figure things out. We debated a lot on what our first video should be and I just randomly decided to have it be about my recent Target Disney Haul!

Family Fun: April 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Everything our family was up to in April: Has your local Toys-R-Us closed yet? I'm shocked to see SO many that are still open! Ours closed up QUICK and were extremely picked over super fast too. I didn't care about buying stuff, I just wanted to take the kids for one last visit.  I totally got all sappy about the store closing. I WAS a Toys-R-Us kid and it makes me sad that my kids won't be. To be honest though, we're totally part of the problem. My kids memories at Toys-R-Us are walking the aisles scanning things onto their wishlists. Which I would then take and find cheaper elsewhere. Toys R Us couldn't keep up with competitive pricing and therefore I can't even remember the last time I actually bought anything from them! So sad to see it go and we enjoyed our last visit I pretty much just got a bunch of wrapping paper ;) No we won't :( Britt did get a stuffed snake which we decided to name TRU in honor of
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