Kye Monthly Summary: April 2018

A quick summary from Kye’s April!

I am totally in love with the adorable Star Wars pjs I found for the kids from Disney Store! I want to find Zach a set…any suggestions for a mens xl? 

So epic!

Zach went to each lunch with the big two this month and taught Kye how to make and play paper football!

School pic! He is starting to look so LEAN!!! Where’d my chunky infant go?

I need to do better at letting Kye make his own lunch. You know how it is, mornings are rushed and crazy and it’s just so much faster to do it yourself! I’m HOPING that 4th grade will be the year he does it completely solo and one of my goals for summer is to rearrange the kitchen to flow better so the kids can reach things to be able to do more independently! 

First time completely packing entire lunch!

After school I let the kids get a snack every day. We got into a treat overload situation so I minimize their after school snack options. I do let them get a popsicle because who doesn’t love a refreshing popsicle as the summer heat is coming? It’s Kye’s favorite snack! 

I love the afternoons. The kids get off the bus SO excited to tell me ALL about their days! Kye is JUST like Zach in his storytelling and he is so expressive and has to act out everything haha!

When we have a new baby it’s tough to keep up with our normal family activities because life pretty much revolves around the baby schedule. I’m trying to do better about finding a chance for family game time. The kids love it. We love it. It’s great together time but at this stage of life it’s hard to make it happen with Spear having a his nighttime bottle at 7! 

We busted out a family favorite: Headbandz!

This month Kye received his first ever pen pal letter! Sweet friends of ours who we met when Kye was in preschool moved and reached out about being pen pals which I think is SO fun!!!

I love that Kye is always there near me. He’s not always needing attention, but he likes to share his thoughts and ideas with me and get my input on things. I hope we always share this connection! 

More Videos From This Month:

Told ya it was a quick update 😉

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