Britt Monthly Summary: April 2018

Britt’s quick April update!

Britt lost her 6th tooth this month and FINALLY pulled it out herself for the first time ever! I’m so interested with her teeth because she’s lost so many, so quickly, at such a young age. I’m interested to see how they grow in and what she’ll end up needing regarding braces etc. She may need ’em before Kye does at this rate!

See how the center of the gums between her two front top teeth hangs down a little lower? Often it’s a sign of a gap that will occur between those teeth. It’s VERY strong in my side of the family (I had it, my brother has it, my dad has it and both my grandmother on my dad’s side as well as my mom’s side had it so it’s from both sides of my fam!). I worked HARD to get mine closed up but I never want Britt to feel insecure about it if she ends up having it! 

Spring school photo!

Daddy came to each lunch and brought a treat 🙂 

Britt is always thinking up random ways she wants me to do her hair. She asked for three ponytails in a row haha!

Love listening to her share all the details of her school day!

And I have the kids go through their own school work and make two piles: trash and save for photos. 

We then take pics of all their work that they saved and make another two piles, trash and keep. 90 percent is trash but I do keep a few things from each school year!

Britt is sweet and smart and so pretty. But whew she struggles with a pessimistic outlook. It’s TOUGH yall. I’m not gonna front, it makes her the most difficult at times to parent. Issues with complaining, whining, general negativity are hard to combat because they are matters of the heart. Most often I send her to her room until she can come back with a more happy outlook and that tends to help us both because I get frustrated when she’s in those moods so being separated allows me to BREATHE! 

Like this. What kid cries and complains about MAC AND CHEESE?!?!

This is a face I see often!

I also try to put positive messages in her life as much as possible. In her lunchbox, around our home and even buy up all the shirts with the happy graphics on them. 

This month we got invited to a super fun gymnastics party for Hadley! Britt loves visiting the YMCA gymnastics so she can pose like all the bunnies ha!

I mentioned in Kye’s post that I’m hoping to reorganize the kitchen and this is one of the reasons why! Britt likes to eat a granola bar as her after school snack so she has to get out the step stool in order to get down the storage tub with the granola bars in it! Rearranging things will help allow the kids to be SO much more independent. I think the reason my kitchen isn’t super kid-friendly is b/c I’m so short too so I like to have the stuff I need within reach ha!

My second oldest child. Yet my messiest eater haha!

Britt was excited about Kye’s pen pal letter and asked if she could write a reply letter back too!

It’s so sweet how Britt LOVES reading. She says at school her favorite thing is learning and doing her work. She takes it all very seriously and loves to read out loud to our family. It’s fun pulling out books that I still have from my childhood to read together (like Dr Desoto!)

She may have her rough moments, but don’t we all? At heart Britt is so caring and loving and truly super sweet and LOVES her mama! (Right now she’s actually on this kick of calling me Ma’Ma!)

I love my girl and love that as she gets older we’re able to better relate and talk through her moments of struggle and I can see her working on things and working to grow and be that light in the world that God wants her to be!

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