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Kye's 9th Birthday Slideshow!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Today we are celebrating Kye's 9th Birthday! Bless his heart, he had the FLU last week. While he's flu-free he's still really weak and just not wanting to eat too much which is kinda a bummer on your birthday. We're still making sure he feels special on his special day and he had a BLAST yesterday celebrating with his friends at his Star Wars themed birthday party :)

Nine years ago today you made me a mom. Your sweet baby rolls may now be replaced by a 6 pack and those teeth you took so long to grow in may be being replaced by adult ones but you are still, and always will be, my baby boy. You are truly an incredible person. Filled with such depth and are so well-rounded. I’m thankful for your heart for Jesus, for your strong work ethic and especially love seeing you shine as the big brother to all of your siblings. Happy Birthday Kye! I couldn’t be prouder to be your mama.  Half-way to adulthood!

One of my traditions for each of my kids is to put together a slideshow for them on their birthday. I usually have it playing during their party and we typically watch it together on their actual birthday as well. It's always a fun chance to look back at the year they've experienced and to share some of our favorite memories together!

Here's Kye's birthday slideshow for his 9th birthday!

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You can also look back at all the slideshows I've made for Kye in the past:

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