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14 Months Waiting

Friday, June 30, 2017

This is a summary of our 14th month in the waiting process of adoption. It covers May 29th - June 28th. To read all about our entire adoption journey you can visit this page!  Lemon Treehouse did a great job with our "in waiting" cards and they have such cute stuff! Things Learned and Accomplished This Month: Our trip to Mexico was a big shift in the adoption process for us. Everything has been waiting until "after Mexico." We knew we couldn't get any refunds on the trip and that we didn't want a baby in our arms until "after Mexico." For me...this is when the REAL waiting starts. Mexico was wonderful and fantastic. But now it's over. And we're ready for a baby in our arms. And we're just waiting for that to happen! While on the trip I read The Last Anniversary. It's a great read and one of the characters dealt with some PPD (you find this out early on in the book so this isn't a spoiler). It was such a re

Summer Recap: Week 4

This was a CRAZY busy week of summer for us! Our current week has been super, super chill so I feel less guilt over the chill week when I look back on this week haha. Week 4 covers Sat June 3rd through Friday the 9th! Saturday morning Lakeland finished out their VBS that had started the night prior. I opted not to attend. After getting back from Mexico and having been SO crazy busy, I just needed to get my house in order and my stuff fully unpacked and just de-stress. It was SUCH a perfect morning to do that and Zach took the kids to VBS and they all had a great time! I'm in LOVE with our robot vacuum! It's seriously amazing!!! They made super cute necklaces at VBS and were proud to show 'em off when they got home.  Brad is known as "Boss" so Colt is "Boss 2" and Kye is "Boss 3" ;) Yes, Daddy made a necklace too ;) Nametag hahaha Katie's birthday was the day before we left fo
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