Britt Monthly Summary: May 2017

This is Britt’s summary from May!

Britt is in LOVE with her princess room. She has been so happy up there and keeps it insanely CLEAN and tidy! We’re still working on making her bed (tricky with a bunk) but it’s such a joy to see her so in love with a room her daddy worked so hard on. If you’d like to see more of the room you can view this post! 

Britt cracks us up at how much she enjoys watching herself in the mirror!

Britt is very competitive (those Parker genes are strong!) and loves to play games and WIN. She doesn’t get AS upset as Kye does over losing but she def has her moments. Game time is such a valuable time together. Not only do we have fun, but it’s a great chance for our super-competitive kids to learn how to be good sports: win or lose

Britt won Who Shook Hook!

We got a free game from CFA and Britt loves playing it by herself and it’s great for learning math facts!

She is very thoughtful and is doing SO well with her writing and drawing. 

She had her graduation ceremony and is officially no longer a preschooler!!! Ahhhh!

Britt has gotten to be SUCH a great eater too. She used to take a long time and refuse to eat things and cause issues at meal times but that’s all completely behind us. She’s willing to try new things and shares with us often how much she enjoys what Mommy cooks. It’s SO nice to be out of that phase! She’s typically now the first one finished eating! 

Spoiled at church with a HUGE piece of cake!

We also finally found a FAVORITE yogurt for her (each of my kids have a different yogurt that they eat daily). She LOVES this chocolate mocha!

Britt continues to enjoy gymnastics and had her first meet this month! 

We kicked off summer with lots of crafts…

and reading! We bought this book set to work on throughout summer and through kindergarten to keep her up to speed on her reading skills and she LOVES reading! 

Dressing herself haha

I’m trying to work on teaching my kids to do more things on their own/help more around the house. They already DO help a lot but it’s my job as their mama to make sure they learn all the skills they will need to have when they become adults. And it’s silly for ME to be doing EVERYTHING when I have two older children who are perfectly capable of lending a hand. It’s worth the time and effort to TEACH them as they are always SO proud! 

I saw on my time hop recently from a couple years ago about a rough patch I was having in my parenting with Britt. There are still rocky moments but MAN she’s come SO FAR in SO many areas. I’m so proud of her for working on her attitude and outlook on life and for being more obedient, and for having that Jesus-like heart and attitude. She’s become such a JOY and that is a huge blessing!



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