Kye Monthly Summary: May 2017

This is Kye’s summary from May!

Kye had his art show at school this month. We learned from last year that it’s a VERY quick thing. You walk in, you see the kid’s artwork, and you leave. We had Payton’s play that same night so we arrived at the art show about 15 min early and were in and out before it was even technically starting!

With all of his artwork!

G-Mama wasn’t able to come to the Art Show so she went to eat lunch with him later that month and got to see his work up close and personal!

Kye LOVES to read and really enjoys AR. He won 2nd place in AR points for the entire 2nd grade!

He even got a trophy!

Sidenote: When being introduced to someone Kye tells them “My real name is Candler but I go by Kye.” Which is probably super confusing to anyone who meets him. And he’s funny about using Candler at times too. Like on this trophy! I’ve told him we can call him Candler if he’d rather but, for now, he wants to stick with Kye. I have a feeling though as he gets older he may want to switch it because he does focus on Candler so much!

I laughed at this because Mama tends to love a good run on sentence too πŸ˜‰

I love seeing his work pour in at the end of the year. He makes us so proud!

An extra note on Mother’s Day πŸ˜‰

Britt wrote him an apology note and he responded to her πŸ˜‰

Last day of 2nd grade!

Last summer I did a reading challenge with Kye but I just don’t think it’s necessary this year. He loves to read. He reads for over an hour a day. I don’t need to offer him a prize for doing it! We decided to tackle The Chronicles of Narnia this summer! He finished the entire first book within a couple days! 

Enjoying our new hammock!

We went to ToysRUs so Kye could look for ideas for his Christmas list (ha!) and he found several things he liked:

Seriously pumped for SUMMER!!!

I love that summer means having this sweet boy HOME with ME!!!

I cannot believe he is about to be in THIRD GRADE!!! 

I feel like I was just in third grade. How the heck do I have a child who is about to be there?!?!

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