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Parker Family Disney Trip 2017: Down Day

Saturday, April 29, 2017

We typically take a trip with Zach's family during the summer but sometimes we switch it up and go during Spring Break! I was especially pumped for this year's family trip because DISNEY WORLD!!! Mrs. Charlotte LOVES getting to tag along with us for many of our family trips and has really, really been wanting to have all of her grand babies together. We have only gone once as a big family and it was back when Kye, Colt and Payton were the only ones old enough to go (Britt was like 6 months old at the time and Mema came and kept her the day we did Magic Kingdom). You can read all about that trip here! (Spoiler alert but it rained the ENTIRE day which was actually a blessing b/c it cooled it down and helped some of the crowds dissipate!) We couldn't check Kye out of school early to head down because he had Field Day and we didn't want to make him miss any of it so he was just a car rider that day and we hit the road. We made like crazy amazing time and the kids were DY

12 Months Waiting

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 25th marked a YEAR y'all! One year since we made the decision to adopt. So, so much has happened in that one year. Things that we know were Satan's way of trying to stop this adoption from happening. Yet here we are. Continuing to step out in faith and continuing to wait on God's perfect timing for the baby boy who is meant to complete our family! This post covers March 29th - April 28th You can read ALL the details of our adoption journey here! As always, thanks to Lemon Treehouse for our "months waiting" cards! Things Learned and Accomplished This Month: This month was HARD. It wasn't adoption related hard, it was LIFE related hard. Zach was out of town three of the work weeks this month which was rough on him, on me and on our family unit. Plus two of the weeks we were dealing with a LOT of emotionally draining and highly stressful extended family related issues so we really weren't able to be connected as a family the way we normal
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