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Tess Summary of Month 20

This is a summary of Tess's 20th month of life (Feb 29th - March 31st) she was 19 months old during this month: Eating:  Tess LOVES to grub as long as it's things SHE likes. Def hit the toddler picky eating stage of the game with her. The benefit of a third kid is I don't stress over it like I'm sure I did with the other two. Sometimes she pigs out, sometimes she barely eats but I know it's just a cycle toddlers go through and it evens out! Plus her chubby belly keeps me reminded that she's plenty healthy ;) Excited for a pancake from Daddy! Grins for Mac and Cheese! Doing so awesome with utensils, straw cups and bowls/plates! Not always happy ;) Silly blueberry face! Sleep:  She continues to be a low sleep needs kid but she no longer cries AT ALL in her bed. She LOVES her bed! I love this stage of the game b/c I feel like the hard work has really, really paid off. Having a child who loves
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