Kye Monthly Summary: March 2016

This is a summary of Kye’s month of March (his first month as a 7 year old!)

It’s hard for me to even keep all the dress up days Kye has at school straight haha! This month was dress up week for reading. He was a zebra one day and the last day of the week (also his birthday) was “dress your best” day for pictures. The three days in-between were green eggs and ham day, hat day, and book character day (which Kye picked Goofy!). 

I was VERY excited to get to attend Kye’s field trip with him to Raisin’ Cane. I went on a field trip with Britt’s class earlier in the year as well. It’s a great place for field trips and I just love that quality one on one time with my kids, especially in their school environments. I like to kinda sit back and see how they interact with their peers and in a group setting. I know we “shelter” our kids and I kinda assumed they’d be “outsiders” because of that, but so far it’s nothing even close to the case! Kye’s little friends are precious and there were many little tiffs about who got to stand next to him in line. I mean I know it’s really because he has such a cool mom πŸ˜‰

Not embarrassed to hold his mama’s hand!

Baby goats!!!

Of course free play time was the most fun!

Kye and I played a HUGE game of checkers

Kye’s teacher is pregnant with TWINS. I mean I don’t know how anyone handles 28 6 and 7 year olds all day every day but pregnant? AND with twins?! No. Way. 

Getting to plant watermelon seeds!

Kye’s “girlfriend” Avery. He’s given her a couple of notes throughout the school year so I was glad to meet her mom on the field trip and kinda make sure they weren’t bothered by it. He always tells Avery he likes her b/c she makes good choices so I’m sure as a parent they don’t mind hearing that but I know having girls is a different ball game than boys! She was super sweet though and wanted a picture of them together just as much as I did. I still remember my little first grade boyfriend and he and I remained schoolmates and friends all the way through school and always joked about how we “went out” πŸ˜‰ I think Kye and Avery will both be glad to have these pics someday!

Erik and I at high school graduation

Kye and Avery

Although Kye is a “taken man” he still has his admirers. I was CRACKING up at these two little cuties who were so open about their affection for him. One of the little girls kept talking to me about him and how he is so cute and how he’s cuter than all the animals at the farm! Ha! She also tried to sit next to him every time we sat down and even asked me to move out of the way. Um no honey. I know someday I will have to let his wife be his #1 but that day ain’t today haha! I told her it was his mama’s special time and she could sit beside me but I was gonna be next to him! Haha!

 Seeing how old the trees were!

Pumped for sack lunch from school!

Started and ended our day holding hands πŸ™‚

I had a blast at his field trip but taked to Zach about field day. A full day of outdoor competitive events? MUCH more up Daddy’s ally than Mommy’s πŸ™‚ Luckily Zach was able to arrange his schedule so he could go with Kye and he had a blast…especially watching Kye win an event for his grade! I’m so impressed at all the pics Zach took too πŸ˜‰

This is the game he won…I think it’s some sort of ball something? #notasportsmom

Of course they went out for lunch together too!

The big event from this month was Kye’s birthday! 

Toys R Us mails out coupons around kids’ birthdays which is pretty genius marketing. They put it in a birthday card which of course makes the kid want to go to the store! Kye had some left over money from the Disney trip and wanted to use his coupon to purchase something. We had fun embarrassing him a little with a birthday crown, balloon, and even a birthday song at the store πŸ™‚ I feel like it was just yesterday that I took him there at his first birthday (sorry Britt I don’t think we’ve ever gone for her birthday? Being a Dec birthday is a CRAZY busy time of year!)

This kid is SO MUCH like his mama. He wanted to see ALL the Legos and then took forever debating the best one to get based on what he liked but also on the best price. And even then he asked my opinion a ton of times AND ended up changing his mind before we left the store. Indecisiveness is genetic apparently πŸ˜‰

Unlike his mama this kid likes gum. GROSS. 

At seven years old Kye FINALLY has his FIRST loose tooth!!!

 He loved my childhood teeth so much that I found him this book that had great reviews on Amazon and he was so excited about it!

We also are trying out a new hairstyle πŸ™‚

I love that Kye still strips down as soon as he walks in the door! Such a guy thing!

Kye is also a SUPER hard worker with his chores

I love that he loves to cuddle up at night with me before bed. He sleeps with a good bit of things: a special blanket, two small pillows, and a revolving door of “friends”. He also has a “night light” that has a handle in case he needs to go to the bathroom in the night. I like that it has a timer and an on and off button. He likes to read before falling asleep and I can tell him to turn on the owl when he reads and when it goes out (20 min) it’s time to stop reading. They no longer make it but this is a comparable one!

Kye loves to play: in the playroom

with Legos (largest set yet and he did is 100% on his own in a matter of hours!)

the wii with Daddy (Tiger Woods golf is a new favorite they play once a week)

and Monopoly with Mommy (new favorite board game…I knew he’d be ALL about it!)

Even though he’s a “big kid” in so many ways, he’s still my sweet Kye who comes RACING home from the school bus

and who is mesmerized by the car wash!

For his birthday he got a field goal and has been all about playing football in the back yard. When we built our house we left this LARGE area of grass specifically for this reason. We pictured Kye growing up and wanting to play backyard football. Now the time is here!

Watching some golf πŸ™‚

He cashed in his Bible Bucks for a stinking gum ball machine. Gross

Even at 7 he still loves to dress up and put on a show for us!

 And he’s not too cool to play with play dough either! 

When Daddy travels my kids get CRUNK b/c it means mac and cheese for dinner πŸ˜‰

I LOVE seeing Kye’s school work! I know a do a big post with it all twice a year but sometimes I like to post things as he brings them home! 

I thought this was so sweet of him playing in our backyard and how he’s wearing an 85 jersey πŸ˜‰

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Sweet note from a school friend

He wrote personalized thank yous for everyone who gave him a birthday present (first time doing this completely on his own! I loved reading each of them!)

I ALWAYS talk amongst my friends how I’m anti brand names for my kids. I just don’t get the value in spending crazy amounts of money on kids clothing? I LOVE the local kids sales and stock up at them…typically getting my kids 80-90% of their clothing that way. I also love clearance racks and typically shop at Old Navy and Target (and recently started with Kohls as I’m learning their deals system). I had a sweet friend post that she was selling ALL of her sons clothes and he’s just a little older than Kye. Zach said go for it so we did and now my child is the one at school with all the brand name athletic gear haha! 

More About Kye:

  • Kye is OBSESSED with scaring me. I jump pretty easily…I’m one of those people who always has like 10 different thoughts going through my head at the same time so it’s super easy to catch me off guard and get a great reaction out of me. Zach has trained Kye well in the art of scaring Mommy πŸ˜‰
  • We had a BIG talk this month. At school they talked a lot about Martin Luther King Jr and it was really the first time Kye noticed racial differences among his friends. Last year his little school girlfriend was black but after the talks at school he told me he couldn’t marry one little girl from his class who has a crush on him b/c she’s black. Of course my mommy radar went through the roof and I freaked out. But we had a LONG talk about it (one of those nights where he didn’t go to bed until well past bedtime) and I understood him a lot better. He said that if he married a black girl that he would be the only white person in his family b/c the women have the babies so their babies would be black too (no, I didn’t venture into that discussion of baby making…) and that he would feel sad and left out not looking like his family. I explained to him that the Bible talks about many things that are right and wrong but NO WHERE does it say it’s wrong to marry someone that looks differently (not just black/white but any physical differences). He said he worried people would talk badly about them since he is white if his wife was black (sadly a pretty valid concern esp in the south). I talked to him about how I couldn’t imagine marrying someone who fights in the military. I see military wives and have so much respect for them b/c of how hard it must be for their husbands to leave for war. It would be SO HARD if Zach fought in a war but I love him so much that the hard stuff would be worth it to be with him. I told him that he doesn’t need to close off his heart to someone just b/c they are a different skin color. I don’t want him to put a limit on who God may have planned for him. The most important thing to look for in a potential spouse is their ability to help him get to Heaven and that it would be so sad if someone came into his life that would be his “perfect wife” and he didn’t marry her just b/c of a way she may be different than he is. He really understood and I hope I handled it okay for not being prepared for that type of discussion! 


Such a fun month with my precious boy!

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