My Favorite Vacations

Today I’m linking up with Momfessionals to share some of my favorite vacations. Travel is my FAVORITE thing in the world. I love to plan trips, anticipate trips, and of course take the actual trips too 🙂 Quality time is my love language and there is no better way to spend quality time with those I love than on vacation. I’m truly blessed to have a husband who values making memories as a family as much as I do! We “spend smart” so that we can travel often. Narrowing down my favorite vacations to just one blog post is straight up impossible!!!

Instead I’m going to focus on my favorite types of vacations:

1. Solo trips with Zach: The more kids we have, the harder it is to get away “just us” but the more important that time away really becomes. We are really able to truly connect on these trips and I’m so thankful Zach works for a company (Aflac!) that has sent us to so many amazing places together. We’re also super blessed to have Zach’s supportive parents who are always willing to keep our babies for us as they understand the importance of our time alone together. Here are some of my favorite trips “just us”:


Banner Elk, NC







New York


Hilton Head

2. Family Trips: Our kids aren’t spoiled in stuff…they are spoiled in experiences. We love to go and do as a family and some of our happiest memories are from vacations together. I hope as they get older we will still be able to take family trips together and I know I will always cherish these times! Here’s some of my favorite family trips:

St Augustine Beach

Cocoa Beach

Banner Elk

3. Girl’s Trips: Just as it’s important for me to travel with my sweet children and amazing husband…I LOVE me some girl time trips too. If it’s just relaxing at the beach or shopping or even just riding in the car there is some mega bonds created when traveling together! Here are some of my favorite girls trips:

Vegas Reality Show Bash!


Justin Timberlake

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

I’ve been blessed to travel to many parts of the world. Even before meeting Zach (or starting the blog) I was able to travel as a child and teen. My dad’s motto is FUN and we did a lot of that! Given all the places I’ve been if I got to choose ONE place to visit for the rest of my life it’d be Disney. I know that sounds crazy but I LOVE IT. I grew up living my first few years of life about an hour from Disney World and it’s always been a place of happiness for me. However, I’ve actually become more of a Disney fan the older I’ve gotten. Through hardships in life Disney is my “happy place” and it’s like the one place I know I can go where I can leave the “real life” stuff behind. I’m my best self at Disney and my kids reap the benefits of it 😉

I have an entire post with ALL the links of ALL of our Disney trips (at least the ones taken since the blog started in 2008) and you can see that here! 

As you can tell traveling is something I truly love and especially love to blog about! I am working at updating my “travel tab” at the top of the blog and you can see a more organized list of ALL of our travels there (and also by clicking this link!). Can’t wait to see where others enjoy traveling…hoping to get some good ideas for our future trips!

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