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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Something that I have found to be true of living in South Georgia is that everyone  is related. When I first moved here Zach would always introduce me to "uncles" and "cousins" of his. Of course these people weren't actually  "uncles" and "cousins" but were some type of distant relative. For example we are close to "Aunt Dawnee" at church and she's related to Zach because her mother is Big Daddy's sister (Actually her father is Little Mama's brother too so they are doubly related haha! Told you it gets TRICKY around here!). So technically she's Mr. Rusty's cousin but Zach has grown up with her being an "aunt." It's a very southern thing. I don't know any of my cousins cousins or my parents cousins or my grandparents siblings? We joke that Zach had to import me to Valdosta just to make sure he didn't accidentally marry someone who is related to him ;) Zach grew up very close to his extended

Keeping a Sleepy Newborn Awake for Feedings

Monday, March 30, 2015

One of the most important things during the first days of a baby's life is making sure they are getting full feedings. A full belly is important for the baby to thrive, for a nursing mother to establish milk supply, to ensure a nursing baby is getting the nutrient rich hind milk, and to begin laying the groundwork for sleep training in the future. { You can read my tips for starting Babywise from birth here! } A sleepy, snuggly newborn is so sweet and precious. However, that same sleepy newborn can be a source of frustration when he or she simply will not  wake up for their feeding time! Here are some tips for how to keep a sleepy baby awake to ensure a full feeding: 1. Skin to Skin:  Unswaddle and undress your baby and even expose your skin so you are both skin-to-skin contact. This not only forms a great bond but also gets a baby to start eating! 2. Tickle Feet, Side and Chin:  Babies typically find tickling a little bit uncomfortable. By tickling the bottom of the fee

Family Time With the Bacons

Friday, March 27, 2015

I am so, so thankful I got pregnant with Tess when I did. Being pregnant with Casey was SO fun and having our babies so close together has been great! I also think it's great that Carter is a little older than Tess. I like that both Casey and I go to each other for help and advice and I think if he was younger that I wouldn't have as many opportunities to learn from her as I do! First time moms just have that A game ya know? She always knows the most up-to-date stuff and I appreciate that...with this being my third it's so easy to get trapped in feeling like you "know it all" when really SO much changes in the world of babies!!! Now that Tess is a little older and both she and Carter are able to go and do more and be more flexible I am SO excited to FINALLY get back to hanging out with Casey and Jordan on a more regular basis! I feel like I don't even know Jordan anymore b/c when I do get to see one of them its, of course, Casey :)  One nice Saturday

Taking Care of ME

Thursday, March 26, 2015

So often we think about how to best care for our children and we are quick to neglect taking care of ourselves! Here are some simple steps I take to help be the best ME each day! Getting Enough Sleep: When I am well rested I feel better. It's easier to avoid eating the not-so-good-for-me foods. It's easier to remain patient with my children and it's easier to just be HAPPY! Sleep is important. I revolve my children's days and schedules around making sure they have enough sleep...shouldn't I be doing the same for myself? My goal is to get in the bed by 10:30 and I am usually up around 6:30 each morning. 8 hours is always what I aim to get and I can tell a difference in my day when I get less sleep than I need! Getting Ready for the Day:  I know the "typical" mom attire is yoga pants and a pony tail but I feel better about myself when I look my best. Getting up a little earlier each morning gives me time to do my hair and makeup and pick out a cuter

Valentine's Day 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valentine's Day this year fell on a Saturday and was the same time the kids had a couple days off from school (I think they call it "Winter Break?"). If I'd realized all of this sooner I probably  would have tried to convince Zach to let us leave town for a couple days! But instead we had a fun weekend at home :) Matching sisters means double the love! Britt had so much fun at her class party! Valentine's Day, to me, isn't a major deal. I do LOVE the idea of taking time to show others how much we care about them. It's easy to get caught up in the day to day and not tell the people we care about just how much we love them. I'm hardcore about our family unit showing love and appreciate towards each other and Valentine's Day is a great excuse to focus on that!  I saw an easy card craft in a magazine so the big kids and I had fun making special cards for each other. I just took some toilet paper rolls and bent them to be a &quo
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