Photos with Lindsey Nichole Photography

Something that I have found to be true of living in South Georgia is that everyone is related. When I first moved here Zach would always introduce me to “uncles” and “cousins” of his. Of course these people weren’t actually “uncles” and “cousins” but were some type of distant relative. For example we are close to “Aunt Dawnee” at church and she’s related to Zach because her mother is Big Daddy’s sister (Actually her father is Little Mama’s brother too so they are doubly related haha! Told you it gets TRICKY around here!). So technically she’s Mr. Rusty’s cousin but Zach has grown up with her being an “aunt.” It’s a very southern thing. I don’t know any of my cousins cousins or my parents cousins or my grandparents siblings? We joke that Zach had to import me to Valdosta just to make sure he didn’t accidentally marry someone who is related to him 😉

Zach grew up very close to his extended family. His best friends were mostly made up of his “cousins” (who are actually Mr. Rusty’s cousins children!). I have always loved and adored these cousins 🙂 Ryan and Travis were both in our wedding! Travis’ sister, Lindsey, is someone I naturally clicked with right when we first met. Y’all know how big I am about supporting people who follow their passions…and Lindsey has recently started her own photography business!

I think it’s so awesome when people find something they love and they work hard at it and aren’t afraid to make the big leap and start up their own business. I admire that so much and am so proud for Lindsey for following her dreams!

Lindsey Nichole Photography is based out of Navarre, Florida but she is in the Valdosta area often as well. She was in town recently and got together with me to capture some pics of the kids! Lindsey was SO good with them. Britt is often not easy to work with and I had to wake her from her nap which can often mean even extra drama…but she was SO sweet and easy going and I think so much of that had to do with Lindsey’s personality! She focused a lot on making the photos fun for the kids and they had a good time and it created a very relaxed atmosphere. It was a quick, easy shoot and a wonderful experience!

Be sure to follow her on Facebook at Lindsey Nichole Photography! 

Here are a couple pics of Lindsey doing her thing…

…and the pics she got of my babies!

Thanks again Lindsey!

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