Taking Care of ME

So often we think about how to best care for our children and we are quick to neglect taking care of ourselves! Here are some simple steps I take to help be the best ME each day!

Getting Enough Sleep: When I am well rested I feel better. It’s easier to avoid eating the not-so-good-for-me foods. It’s easier to remain patient with my children and it’s easier to just be HAPPY! Sleep is important. I revolve my children’s days and schedules around making sure they have enough sleep…shouldn’t I be doing the same for myself? My goal is to get in the bed by 10:30 and I am usually up around 6:30 each morning. 8 hours is always what I aim to get and I can tell a difference in my day when I get less sleep than I need!

Getting Ready for the Day: I know the “typical” mom attire is yoga pants and a pony tail but I feel better about myself when I look my best. Getting up a little earlier each morning gives me time to do my hair and makeup and pick out a cuter top to wear with those yoga pants 😉 It’s amazing the confidence boost it gives me! I have also found that by having a spray tan I feel drastically more confident. I try to spray tan once a week (I have this home system) and I love the way it makes me look!

Keeping a Clean Home: I feel SO much more stress when my house is messy. I have learned that a clean kitchen is critical for my ability to remain calm and have less anxiety! I try to “clean as I cook” and I cannot stand to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. My whole day starts off on a bad foot when I walk in the kitchen and find dirty dishes (yes sweet husband…I’m talking about you and those dishes you “let soak”!). Keeping a clean house is for the whole family, but it’s also for myself and my own sanity!

Having a Healthy Lifestyle: It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of eating crappy food. It’s quick and easy and can be habit forming. I’ve been living the Advocare lifestyle for over 2 years now and I can tell a BIG difference in how I feel (as well as look!) when I veer off the course. I use the products to lose the baby weight and I truly just enjoy eating healthier. I am AWFUL about drinking enough water but find when I am mindful about drinking water, that I look less bloated, feel healthier, and have a better day! Water helps SO many things and it’s so important! I have also been trying to spend 30 min on the elliptical several nights a week. While it’s not so fun while I’m doing it, I love the way it makes me feel afterwards!

Having Time for Myself: I’ve been really trying this year to have time with the Lord each morning before the kids wake up and it really helps set a positive, God-centered, tone for my day. I’m working my way through Jesus Calling
and it’s perfect because it’s short and quick but has some great lessons! I also have enjoyed reading in bed before I fall asleep. I’m currently (finally!) reading Childwise
and it’s really awesome! Usually in the evenings I spend my time with my husband but nap time is MY time. I don’t know how mamas make it through the day without nap time! I spend this time blogging and I feel so much more rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of the day with the kids once I get that time to recharge.

Having a Life Outside the Home: I have learned that it’s important for me to take time out to have a LIFE. It’s SO easy to get lost in the role of motherhood, especially since I am home all day every day with my children. I try to remember that one day my children will grow up. They will have their own lives. Then what will I do? Spending time with friends has been a huge way that I take care of myself. I try to have one night out a week to do something FUN that doesn’t involve my babies! While some of our conversations may end up coming back to our kids, it’s important to have other interests than just parenting. Movies, tv shows, fashion, anything other than parenting is really a good topic of conversation for these nights out! I can tell a HUGE difference in myself on the weeks when I don’t get this quality time. I am more patient, more fun, and just a better me when I have some time away!

Make Future Plans: I love to travel. With my husband, with my children, just any sort of traveling. I find so much joy in planning these vacations and having the anticipation of the trip is sometimes even more fun than the trip itself! By planning in advance we are able to save a lot of money and utilize our vacation time in the best ways possible. The planning process is something I really enjoy and even though the vacations benefit our whole family. they are especially important for myself. I love making memories and I love going and doing and experiencing the world. I love seeing new things through my children’s eyes and I love the quality time my husband and I get together when we travel just the two of us.

Guilty Pleasures: We all have them. A favorite reality tv show. Some romantic comedy movies. Music that takes us back to our teenage years. Romance novels. I’ve found that even just a drive to the store, by myself, blasting some of my favorite songs can be so refreshing! Little, simple joys can be found in our “guilty pleasures!” I also love to watch movies when we travel. Airplane movies are THE best! I leave the flight feeling very connected to ME because I got to enjoy some entertainment just for myself. Not a Disney movie for the kids (not knocking Disney of course!). Not some show with my husband. But a movie that I enjoy, just for me! Indulging in some good old guilty pleasures on occasion can really lift your spirits and allow you to let go of all your parenting responsibilities…even if only for the length of a movie 🙂

Quality Time with my Husband: My love language is quality time and it’s really important for me in order to feel loved and appreciated. When we get in a rut and aren’t as connected, I don’t feel as happy with myself. When our marriage is at its best, I am also at my best, and our whole family unit just functions in a more positive, happy way. It’s really true that a happy marriage is the KEY to a happy family! Finding out the love language of yourself and your spouse can really have a huge impact on your marriage.

What are some ways you take care of yourself? Being our best selves allows us to also give our children our best! Are you neglecting taking care of YOU?

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