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Tess's 4 Month Well Visit

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tess had her 4 month well check-up on Dec 9th. These appointments keep falling on days when Britt doesn't have school and when Zach can't make it. So it's some pretty hardcore girl time ;) Luckily Zach is able to attend her 6 month visit...b/c I can't! I just found out Kye has his Muffins with Mom Day the same morning so we will have to divide and conquer :)  Britt has done really, really well at these appointments. It doesn't hurt that there is a TV in the waiting room! On this visit I was fully expecting to see the PA we usually see and was actually a little bummed to see the legit pediatrician haha. Don't get me wrong, he's amazing  but when you're just used to certain people you kinda want to keep that relationship going! It was a pretty easy visit! He checked Tess's chest and said that it sounded perfect! He also told me that he's really surprised she was able to avoid going to the hospital when she had RSV . He said typically 9

Last Ski Day

Friday, January 30, 2015

Having three full days on vacation is just the perfect amount of time! With this trip being so far from home we had to add an extra night (the night we stayed with Dad) to make the drive worthwhile but it really all worked out and the kids didn't miss much at school since it was the week before Christmas break! I know next year when Kye is in "all day school" that we won't be able to miss as many days as easily so I'm glad we took advantage of his more flexible school schedule while we could! Our last day of vacation was spent back at Beech Mountain. Our plans originally for that day were to all ski as a family for half the day. Once we got there and talked to the ski instructors about Kye and Britt they highly advised us not  to take Britt up the mountain. Zach and I agreed and are SUPER glad we didn't attempt it. It would have been a nightmare . Instead, the boys planned on going up and Britt and I planned to have a girl morning walking around the resor
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