Tess’s 4 Month Well Visit

Tess had her 4 month well check-up on Dec 9th. These appointments keep falling on days when Britt doesn’t have school and when Zach can’t make it. So it’s some pretty hardcore girl time 😉 Luckily Zach is able to attend her 6 month visit…b/c I can’t! I just found out Kye has his Muffins with Mom Day the same morning so we will have to divide and conquer 🙂 

Britt has done really, really well at these appointments. It doesn’t hurt that there is a TV in the waiting room!

On this visit I was fully expecting to see the PA we usually see and was actually a little bummed to see the legit pediatrician haha. Don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing but when you’re just used to certain people you kinda want to keep that relationship going!

It was a pretty easy visit! He checked Tess’s chest and said that it sounded perfect! He also told me that he’s really surprised she was able to avoid going to the hospital when she had RSV. He said typically 90% of babies end up needing to be hospitalized who get it. Whew. SO thankful!

We went over her stats and at 4 months old Tess was 25 inches long (75th percentile), 13.2 lbs (25th percentile) and had a head circumference of 15.6 inches (25th percentile). During her 2 month well visit she was 23 3/4 inches long (90th percentile), 11 lbs 4 oz (50th percentile) and HC of 15 1/8th inches (28th percentile). He did not mention any concerns over her stats all being lower in the percentages. I didn’t realize they had all dropped until I compared myself when I got home, so it’s something I plan to discuss at her next visit.

He looked at her head shape and said it looks great! Her ears also looked great and he said it’s very normal for poop colors to be a variety of things while nursing (she has green poop from time to time so I was a little concerned). He also said he can see her gums getting ready for her first tooth but it could still be a couple months (PLEASE be a couple months haha!). I talked to him about her sleep habits and how she will sometimes cry at night but seem to still be legit sleeping. He said he has heard of babies doing that and it’s not an abnormal thing.

I also asked him for advice about Britt’s finger sucking…he basically said the only thing I can do to get her to stop is to do death threats haha! It made me feel a LOT better though that a legit dr couldn’t even offer a full proof way to stop her from sucking them!

I left again while Tess had her shots and she did great! We had a good visit and lots of cuddles to help her get through the shot pain. I did notice that the shots had WAY less of an affect on her this visit than they did last one. She just has a VERY easy-going, calm personality. I love it 🙂


Tess is SO much smaller than my other babies. At this age Britt was able to wear 9 month size clothes and Tess is barely able to wear any 6 month sizes! Just to show the comparison…at Britt’s 4 month visit she was 26.25 inches long (91st percentile), 16lbs 2 oz (80th percentile) and HC was 16 inches (30th percentile). Tess is smaller than her in every area! You can read about Britt’s 4 month visit here and Kye’s here! He weighed the most and had the biggest head but Britt was actually longer than he was at this age! (I also love the pic of him…oh my goodness SO BALD! ha!).

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