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Week Nine Summary

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tess's 9th week of life was from Thursday September 25 - Wednesday October 1st. She was 8 weeks old during this week! Nursing:  Since I weaned off the middle of the night feeding this week I noticed her spit up increase. ALL of my babies have been "happy spitters" and I for sure think it's due to my abundant supply. I think with the other two I dropped feedings SO fast and that made my supply issues worse b/c my body couldn't adjust to the dropped feedings. With Tess I plan to keep the dream feed longer than I did with the other two. I think it's more for MY benefit than hers! Cutting out the middle of the night feeding caused me to start feeling too full, leaking more, and caused her to start spitting up more. I tried pumping one day after the morning feeding and it helped minimize her spitting up the rest of the day.  I stopped having ANY pain this week while nursing!!! Y'all. I had BAD pain and really thought it would last forever. It lasted 8

The Bond of Siblings

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I am a "big picture" type person. I like to have long term goals and then focus on smaller goals in the present that all build to reach that larger goal in the future.  It is easy to lose sight of the big picture of life when you have a new baby. Especially when it's your third baby. Life right now for me is filled with daily (sometimes hourly!) ups and downs. One minute everything will be running smoothly and the next I will feel like curling up in a ball and just calling it quits due to frustration and exhaustion. My goal often becomes to just get through the day rather than seeing that larger picture.  Having three children has changed my life in ways I didn't expect. I knew we'd be "outnumbered" but I didn't fully grasp what that would come to mean. For me, so far, it means never feeling caught up. The house is never fully clean anymore. It may be picked up but still need vacuuming. The counters may be wiped down but the floor isn't

Kye's 1st School Project: Fireman

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It feels like I was just in school doing projects...and now I have a kid old enough to be doing them! Kye learned about community helpers in school and had to choose one to do a project about. He came home with the info and it said he had chosen fireman. Which didn't surprise me in the least :)  Part of the project was to come to school dressed like the community helper they chose. We have TONS of costumes...but none that would work for a fireman. I tried to think of some inexpensive way to make him look "firemanish" and, duh, started searching Pinterest. When I saw the idea of turning a box into a firetruck I knew we had found a winner! First of all, it was a CHEAP idea. And second? I knew Zach and Kye would have a blast doing it together!  Zach and I are in trouble when it comes to school projects for our guys have seen the way we go all out for birthday parties. We both tend to go a little  overboard. Kye's firetruck turned out AWESOME! I dresse

Donuts with Dad 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This year is Kye's last year at his school and therefore also the last year he will have Dad's Day at school with Zach! It was also Britt's first year of Dad's Day...and both of their days fell on the same day. I contacted their teachers to try to work out something to make it work for Zach to be at both events. Kye's teacher wrote me and said it's a common issue and that they advice parents to go to the younger child's room first as the older child can learn to be patient and wait. So that's what Zach did. He went to Chapel with them that morning together and then went with Britt and then went with Kye. He said it was so heartbreaking to be able to see Britt playing alone while he was with Kye and it was hard to be able to see Kye playing alone while he was with Britt (both classes had their activities outside). I have a feeling the Mom Day will be hard hard hard for me too!  We took some pics before they headed out that morning. When I was pregnan
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