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Strawberry Patch 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Something I always enjoy is a visit to the strawberry patch! I've tried to go every is our visit from 2013 (I was freshly cut from my surgery!), 2012 , and 2010 . It's a fun thing to do and the kids both enjoy it. Kye was actually pretty bummed that he didn't get to go last year with us and has specifically asked about going this year.  Sadly, our local patch got some kind of disease in the plants and decided to close down for good :( Boo. I'd seen on Facebook where several people had gone out to another place about 45 min away from us. I figured if we wanted to try it out that NOW would be the time since that long of a drive isn't something I'll be able to do with a baby!  Strawberry season ended the end of May so I thought the sooner we went, the better. I asked Casey if she wanted to come along. She was in the waiting-on-baby phase of pregnancy and was wanting to soak up as much freedom and fun as she could before Carter's arrival! 
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