Kye Pre-K 4 Graduation

I personally do not understand why our society started to make “graduations” for anything other than high school and college?!?! We give trophies to everyone, have sports teams without keeping score, and we celebrate “graduation” from preschool. While I am VERY proud of Kye and all of his hard work in school, he didn’t earn a preschool degree. Every single kid who attends preschool graduates from it. They don’t work to achieve that goal so why is it celebrated in such a big way now-a-days?!?!  It truly baffles me. 

While I am not into the whole idea, I’m also not going to be the parent who isn’t supportive of it either. It’s all silly to me, but Kye was very excited about his graduation. They worked hard at school to prepare for the ceremony so, of course, I took it seriously as well! And it was a very well done production and I am very proud of Kye’s performance during it! The reality is there are going to be plenty of things that I don’t personally agree with when it comes to our culture…but no matter what I’m going to support my kids and cheer them on in whatever they are part of! 

We didn’t have a graduation party and we didn’t buy Kye any gifts or anything for his graduation day, but we all supported him and were excited to celebrate his special day together!

Our big boy!

I think Britt knew it was Kye’s day and so she was begging to be in the spotlight and suddenly became Miss Photogenic that morning!

One of my new favorite pictures of them together πŸ™‚

We did buy one of the photos the school took of him in his cap and gown. Honestly they were ALL super cute and it was hard to just choose one! But I only wanted to buy one and I only really wanted it to use as a comparison for his high school graduation. I figured it’d be cute in a frame next to his cap and gown pics from senior year πŸ™‚ Always thinking ahead to my future party planning haha!

The morning had a rather rough start because we got to school wayyyyy earlier than we needed to. I wanted to make sure we had good seats and I guess I was a little over eager about it. Oops. Zach was NOT happy about it and it made for a pretty messy morning πŸ™ 


I think a lot of the reason I didn’t feel very emotional about the whole production was that Kye is staying at the same school for kindergarten next year. So we’ll do this whole graduation thing again next Spring for him! I WILL be emotional then for sure because I started randomly CRYING when the kindergarteners came out!!! I just can’t imagine Kye in all day school and I’ve been dreading it for so long so it made me emotional seeing those kids and thinking about how it will be Kye next year!!! 

As usual, I took charge of picture taking and Zach took videos. Zach isn’t a big fan of taking videos and he also isn’t very good at it…so be warned about the quality of these!

Video of Kye walking into ceremony

He was so proud and so adorable!!!

This was a time where I wished Kye and Payton had been in the same class. She was part of the graduation ceremony as well but was on a different side of the stage. It made it tricky for us all to see them both! We sat for the best view of Kye and Courtney’s crew sat for the best view of Payton then Mr. Rusty, Mrs. Charlotte, Casey and Jordan sat in a place where they could see them both πŸ™‚ 

The ceremony started with each class reciting bible verses as well as a little poem about not wanting to grow up…here’s a video

My favorite part of the ceremony was when Kye’s class sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart” I mean first of all it’s an awesome song…but then seeing Kye do the hand motions? Priceless. All of us were trying SO HARD not to crack up laughing because he knew them all so well and was so fast with them. Strangers were commenting on how Kye really knew the hand motions. I mean kid has skill for sure! And he was like the only kid doing it which made it even funnier. It was precious, of course, and I love how loudly he sings and how he isn’t embarrassed at all to be doing all those hand motions.  And how seriously he takes it all! Such a perfectionist! I can totally picture him as a song leader at church someday! He’d be great at it!!! Here’s a video…and it’s okay to laugh b/c I still do every time I watch it πŸ˜‰

Each teacher talked about their classes and then about each student. Here’s Kye’s teachers talk about the class! And then as she introduced each student she said what they loved most about this year at school and what they want to be when they grow up. Here is when she talked about Kye. We had NO CLUE about any of the stuff planned that day. Kye isn’t too big on sharing details about school (all I hear about is what he had for snack and the chase games he plays on the playground) so it was a really cute surprise to hear that he wants to sell Aflac like his Daddy when he grows up πŸ™‚ I love love loved how they had the kids each take a bow too…so cute! 

I also LOVED what Payton wants to be when she grows up…look out world Payton is gonna be a dancer πŸ˜‰ 

The ceremony ended with everyone joining in and singing a very silly interactive song that all the kids love. Britt LOVED it and I was thankful to let her get a little energy out! I was SUPER impressed with everything included in the ceremony. It was a good bit for the kids to all learn and Kye did so well!!! 

Wasn’t Britt hilarious wanting to be in all the pics?!?!

So proud of these two!

Payton is going to all day school in the fall so she won’t be at school with Kye anymore! Our kids actually aren’t zoned to go to the same school again until high school! It’s hard to believe that it’ll be that long before they share the same school building each day!

Attention stealer πŸ˜‰

Kailyn and Kye will also be separated…but Kailyn won’t even go to Kye’s high school either! I’m interested to see if their “young love” keeps going with only having church activities together πŸ˜‰

Church crew!

It is SUCH a true blessing to have so much family so close to be able to come celebrate these special times with our children. I know it really made Kye feel special and I’m sure it did Payton too!

Emerson has been one of Kye’s favorite friends since his first year at school. They are TOO CUTE together and she’s like the coolest girl ever! She has three older brothers and you can tell because she always plays with the boys on the playground πŸ™‚ She’s precious and we are so sad that she’s moved to Texas! I love these sweet pictures of them together!

The school had a great reception with a video playing of pictures of all the kids through the years, plenty of snacks, and even a gift for each child. It was all very well done and a great time! And I didn’t feel bad about not having any special party or celebration for Kye since that totally counted πŸ˜‰ He ate enough snacks to be plenty satisfied haha!

We have been SO blessed with Kye’s teacher this past year. With everything Kye has been through involving not having my mom involved anymore, his teacher was truly a blessing from the Lord. She is beyond sweet and very kind and loving and has that grand mothering type personality. Kye loved her so much and will miss her next year. I hope we are blessed to have her again for Britt in the future!

It was such a great morning and we are so proud of Kye! He is such a great student at school and truly loves going each day. I am so glad we chose the school we did for him and am already in a lot of prayer about where we will send him when he does attended first grade! So glad we have one more year at the same school next year and I’m excited for Britt to be there with him! 

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