Last Day Of School – Last Day of Mommy and Britt Time

The last day of school this year kinda crept up on me! I have been really looking forward to this summer. Soaking up the days with just having two kids and have been excited about all the fun memories we’d get to make together!

For the last day of school Kye’s class had pj/movie day and I had to legit go out and buy him pjs haha. Kid has grown SO MUCH that none of the ones he owns really fit anymore! Here’s our big boy on his last day of Pre-K4 !

Yay for summer!!!

Biggest difference from first day to last day (besides his massive height change) is that he started fixing his own hair for school. Oh how Mama misses the hairstyle when I got to choose it!


While I was looking forward to Kye’s last day of school and the start of summer, I was also very sad about it. This entire school year I’ve had every morning with Britt. Just the two of us. And I know people probably don’t believe it, but all the emotions I felt about the days of just Kye and I coming to an end (remember?) all came pouring back about Britt and I. Our new baby coming means no more mornings for Britt and Mommy time. And I am pretty emotional about it! Of course I’m over the moon excited about Leo’s arrival and for Kye and Britt to have a new sibling. And I understand so much better now how that transition will go and how quickly our lives will feel like Leo had always been part of them. But I will always still look back on the days of just Kye and I, and now just Britt and I, with fondness. And, yes, even sometimes longing! I miss those times where I could truly savor evert second with Kye and I will miss these times where I can just enjoy Britt! And I’m sure when Baby #4 comes someday I’ll be feeling the same way about my “Leo time” ending. I know we will still do plenty of one-on-one time when we can, but it won’t be the same as having every morning together like we’ve had this past year. I have truly enjoyed that time so much and am so thankful to be able to stay at home and have that time with her! 

I wanted our last morning of school to be a special one. I wanted to have a TON of fun together and end the year on an awesome note for Britt. I know she is SUPER pumped to start school in the fall and I don’t think she’ll miss these days one bit…so really the fun morning was more for my emotional benefit than it was for hers haha! 

We kicked things off by hitting up McDonald’s. I’ve never taken her to their playground…I’m a Chick Fil A girl for sure. But I had a headache and love me some Frappes so McDonald’s it was! And it was very empty which worked out great for Britt to play while I watched and sipped my iced coffee yumminess!

I tried to get Britt really super excited for our fun morning together and I asked her what she wanted to do. I told her we could do ANYTHING she wanted and what did she say? “Wear matching outfits!” Haha I think I’ve trained her well, huh? And you KNOW I was all about granting that wish!!! We rocked our gray and neon πŸ™‚ I love, love, love when she’s in a giggly mood and she was in such a great mood that entire morning. It was EXACTLY what my heart needed and I truly cherished each second!!!

Not much around here opens before 10 so we played for a good while at McDonald’s then headed across town to our local zoo…aka Petsmart. Britt LOVES animals and she really enjoys seeing them all at the pet store. And I love the AC πŸ˜‰ We checked out the fish and the kittens and the rodents and the birds. But Britt’s favorites? Were the reptiles! It’s SO FUNNY because growing up I loved frogs (legit, favorite animal), had a pet iguana and always wanted to have one of those tanks with both soil and water in it and have a collection of frogs and turtles and lizards and fish! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree huh? We made our rounds to all the animals over and over and over again. She was in Heaven!

I didn’t really have a game plan for what else we’d do so I thought it’d be fun just to walk through the mall and see what caught our eye. Britt may not even be three yet…but child LOVES “going shopping.” She likes just walking with me and enjoys looking at things and showing me things. I ended up taking her to a store every little girl loves…Claire’s. They had a 10 things for $10 section so she and I picked out 10 things for her. It was THE BEST TIME I think I’ve ever had with Britt. Seriously! We had a BLAST. She has really good taste too and picked out some super cute little necklaces and things πŸ™‚ She did a great job not messing with other things we saw and was SO proud of her bag of jewelry. She carried it with her all over the mall and had to have her bag with her in the car when we left and had to show Kye right away when we picked him up. I’m so glad she was so appreciative! She wears all the jewelry all the time and it is always a reminder of our mega fun morning together!

Walking and carrying her bag!

We went into a couple of other stores in hopes of finding her some shoes. No luck but we did find two different good spots for a rest and a chance to watch some random cartoons πŸ˜‰ She enjoyed that!

We ended our shopping fun at Ross. I never get to go in there but we had a little extra time to kill so we popped in and ended up finding a couple great deals on some things I was needing! She was SO cute when it was time to leave she kept asking “just one more store? one more store Mommy!” It was adorable! I think she enjoyed the time together just as much as I did and we were both sad to see our morning come to an end! It was THE PERFECT way to end our school year of together time πŸ™‚

Kye had a great last day and I thought we should continue the fun by having a picnic lunch! Zach built our amazing table out of wood from Big Daddy’s old fence. We love getting to use it when the weather is nice!

Last year we started what I think is a really fun family tradition! We went out to eat as a family on the last day of school. We don’t eat out very often but it was a great way to say goodbye to the school year and hello to summer! We ate at McAllister’s last year and I’m so sad it’s closed now πŸ™ This year we let the kids pick and Kye chose Cici’s! I had a coupon for Kye to eat free and Britt is under 3 so she’s free so it was a great, affordable choice!

Kye was pumped for his pink lemonade with his pizza!

This cracks me up. Child was PIGGING OUT on breadsticks!!! (Again, like her Mama b/c it’s all I really like there…the pizza is just TOO greasy for me!)

Zach and I would eat Cici’s all the time when we were in college. We used to LOVE it. It’s hilarious how much time changes things. We both didn’t really love it very much now. It’s just so, so greasy and icky. I could barely eat any of it! The kids even didn’t really like it too much. It was hilarious because they both ASKED to have something healthier! Kye said he felt gross and they both nibbled on carrot sticks when we left. You can tell we def eat pretty healthy around here πŸ™‚

While being massively pregnant in the summer is not easy, I’m still thankful that I have the whole summer to enjoy Kye and Britt. We are making so many fun memories together and it’ll make the days when Leo arrives and they have to sacrifice some for the baby a little easier to handle. I won’t feel as much “mommy guilt” about not being able to spend as much time with the older two because we will have had such a fun summer together!!! I’m so thankful for both of my sweet babies and had such a great last day of school!

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