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Parent VS Friend

Friday, February 28, 2014

Often in our society today the lines between parent and friend become blurred. On social media I often see "My daughter is my best friend!" While there is nothing wrong with saying that, is it really our goal as parents? For me, my goal as a parent is to raise my children in the Lord and to raise them to make good choices in their lives. To be examples to others and to be positive members of society as adults. It is a struggle as a mom to not give in and become the friend. I love my children so much and it's not easy to tell them no. It's hard not to buy them every toy they could ever want! Sure I'd love to stay up late giggling with them. It'd be so relaxing to let them watch tv all the time! It would be far, far easier to let my children rule the roost. Keep them happy by giving them everything they desire. Be their friend by letting them have everything they want, whenever they want it. I have been through times of personal struggle in my life that

FSU: Unconquered Season

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Growing up we weren't anything close to what I'd call a "football family." We didn't even watch it on Thanksgiving. I don't remember ever watching a Super Bowl? It just wasn't our thing. My parents are both from the North and I don't think football is as important up there???  My Dad did graduate from FSU and loved the Seminoles. No, he didn't watch every game. I don't even remember him ever going to any. But he watched one game each season: FSU vs UF. And I have so many fond memories of that! If you have ever met my dad then you know when my dad likes something he goes all out. He has always been proud to be an FSU alumni and I grew up seeing Seminole stuff all over the place. He even wears an FSU ring :)  Naturally I was always an FSU fan myself. And when I graduated high school I attended FSU!   I grew up with a pure hatred for all things UF. I won't wear orange and blue together. My dad even taught our dog, Christy, to urinate

How to Start Babywise!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have had several new mommy friends come to me recently asking how to actually get started with establishing a schedule with their newborns. Babywise recommends feeding on demand until 2-3 weeks old. I totally agree with this, but I also started from birth (yes, while at the hospital!) with introducing Babywise techniques with my daughter. You can read my tips for starting from birth in this post.  Once the baby turns that magical 2-3 weeks old...then what? Here is how I always recommend starting to set up the baby on a schedule: Pick a start time. It's crucial to have a start time to each day. I like to go by the book so I chose 7 am for my children since it is what all the Babywise books use in the sample schedules. It can be any time you choose, but your entire schedule revolves around this time. If your baby wakes before the awake time then it is considered a "middle of the night" feeding. Mine would often wake at 5:30. I'd feed, put back to bed, a

Playing in the Snow

Monday, February 24, 2014

Last year  our local library hosted a Snow Day over Christmas Break and we had a GREAT time! I knew I wanted to make it a priority to do again this year. I even bought the kids hats and gloves so we'd be ready when the day arrived. For some reason they didn't do it as early as before and actually hosted it on Jan 3rd, which is Mrs. Charlotte's birthday. It ended up all working out so perfectly because we invited Casey and Jordan to come (of course!) and also invited Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty and we were able to spend time with Mrs. Charlotte on her special day! Courtney and her crew were out of town so I hate they missed out on the fun, I know Colt and Payton would have loved it!!! Last year we rushed to get there right when the event started and we ended up having to wait forever while they blew the snow. So this year we just waited for the kids to wake up from nap and got there well after it was underway! While leaving I handed Zach Kye's jacket and glov
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