New Year!

Growing up I always spent New Year’s Eve with my dad and we all got dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant in downtown Gainesville (GA…not Gator Country FL…). I would LOVE to carry on that tradition once our children are all older. It was always so fun and such a great way to wrap up the holidays!

For now though, we don’t do much of anything! Zach made dinner for us (his specialty BBQ), the kids went to bed as usual, and Zach and I didn’t stay up until midnight ourselves!

On New Year’s Day it was time to take down all the Christmas decorations! This year Zach put the fire pit to good use and he and the kids had fun burning our mega dead Christmas tree. 

For lunch we let the kids have a picnic in the living room…which is like their favorite special treat!

And after naps that afternoon we headed over to Katie’s house. We did this same thing last year and it was so fun! She ordered pizza and we got to eat dinner, get caught up, and exchange our gifts for each other. We do NOT get to see Katie often enough! Life gets busy and I def want to do better at seeing her more often throughout the year. She’s one of those rare “golden” friendships that I know will always be part of our lives. And Zach loves her just as much as I do which is not always the case in friendships!

Random Zach?

Aunt Katie spoiled them!

The kids watched a Disney movie so us adults could talk and we really had such a great time! Katie has such a beautiful home and we loved the chance to visit with her there and kick off the new year with one our of favorite people!!!

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