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New Years Goals? Advocare Can Help!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

With this year coming to a close and 2014 beginning I know we all are looking forward and thinking about our goals for the coming year. Have a goal to get healthier? Lose some weight? Earn more money? Advocare has helped my family with ALL THREE of those goals! I have posted many  times about the benefits we have found with Advocare. It allowed me to lose my baby weight after having Britt. It helped Zach to reach his lowest weight since college . It has helped me be healthier this pregnancy . It's given my kids a more well-rounded diet. It's gotten us eating healthier and feeling healthier! Zach and I both have much more energy and are better able to keep up with our children until bedtime. On top of allllll of those's also given us an awesome amount of extra income to our home. I've averaged $600-$800 a month  this year just by organically sharing my story and my love of the products Advocare offers!!! What are some of YOUR goals for 2014? Can

Long Awaited Bonfire Night

Way back in September, maybe even August?, Kye started talking about having a bonfire. He wanted to cut down trees (child talks constantly about how there are too many trees in the world and how we should cut them down haha I think my attempts to not let The Lorax make him into a tree hugger actually made him go the opposite direction!) and use them to have a fire. He wanted to invite EVERYONE he knows and he talked almost daily about his big plans for this bonfire night. Next time he has a birthday party he will FOR SURE be helping in the planning process...he really enjoyed planning this special bonfire night! I told Kye we needed to wait for it to be colder to have the bonfire and that instead of having it at G-Mama's house it'd be better to have it at our house and we could do it for my birthday celebration with the family. We couldn't invite everyone we know (even though he did confess he totally invited his teacher from school haha) but we could have the WHOLE fa

Kids and Cotton

Monday, December 30, 2013

We live in the country . Like, legit, we pass farmland to get to our house :) My favorite crop every year is cotton. It's SO beautiful! The snow of the south, right? Kye always loves it too and two years ago we were able to go check it out for ourselves and get some pics . Ever since then Kye will ask about the cotton and when it's coming and when it does come in he talks about wanting to go see it again. I wanted to do the pics again last year but the crop was mega early and we missed it! This year I wasn't gonna to let the opportunity pass us by! Unfortunately, they had already picked the cotton by our house but I have an awesome husband who didn't mind driving around until we found a field! We parked at these people's house and went and asked them if it was okay for us to check out the cotton! The kids were SO excited (it's the simple things, right?). Blogger uploaded my pics in a funky order but that's fine! Enjoy LOTS of cotton pics!
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