Kids and Cotton

We live in the country. Like, legit, we pass farmland to get to our house 🙂 My favorite crop every year is cotton. It’s SO beautiful! The snow of the south, right? Kye always loves it too and two years ago we were able to go check it out for ourselves and get some pics. Ever since then Kye will ask about the cotton and when it’s coming and when it does come in he talks about wanting to go see it again. I wanted to do the pics again last year but the crop was mega early and we missed it! This year I wasn’t gonna to let the opportunity pass us by! Unfortunately, they had already picked the cotton by our house but I have an awesome husband who didn’t mind driving around until we found a field!

We parked at these people’s house and went and asked them if it was okay for us to check out the cotton! The kids were SO excited (it’s the simple things, right?). Blogger uploaded my pics in a funky order but that’s fine! Enjoy LOTS of cotton pics!

Kye was thrilled that we got to take some home!

Britt is a true Bible thumper 😉 She carries her little Bible EVERYWHERE!

Haha real life: no makeup, wearing a pj shirt and sports bra 😉

Can’t wait to have THREE babies in our cotton pics next year 🙂 Hopefully we’ll act a little quicker and get some in our neighborhood as I do think it’s a prettier field! Both kids enjoyed this little outing and Britt yells out the window “COTTON!!!” anytime she sees anything white haha!

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  1. Kelly
    December 31, 2013 / 6:10 pm

    The Alabama song "High Cotton" came to my mind as I was looking at these pictures. Love these! What a neat backdrop for pictures.

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