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North Georgia Visit

Saturday, November 30, 2013

No one has probably noticed but Zach and I haven't been on an Aflac trip in a LONG time. In fact the last Aflac trip we got to go on was in April 2012 to Canada . We had high hopes that things would work out for us to be in NYC in Oct. Jordan and Casey got to go on their first Aflac trip, and Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty got to go too. But us? Nope. Zach and I were both SUPER, mega bummed about it and getting the texts and hearing all the stories from all of them didn't help make it any easier on us!  I get a "travel itch" where I need  to get out of town. Zach agreed and we decided to go away for the weekend as a family. I debated where to go and what to do and finally decided to go to Stone Mountain to see the Laser Show. I grew up loving it and wanted the kids to get to see it too. My sweet friend Kelly offered for us to stay with her! It worked out great but, at the last minute, we decided not  to do the laser show. I heard from a lot of people that it is VER
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