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Establishing Physical Boundaries

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I wrote this as a guest post awhile back and thought it'd be an appropriate time to share it since it's something I've been working hard on with Britt here lately! ***** As a child becomes more mobile, boundaries become so important. Toddlerwise (pg 30) states "Boundaries are important for a toddler's development, and in the period between 14 and 20 months, boundaries take on two forms. Physical boundaries, of course are obvious necessities. How far can little feet travel, and how much can little hands touch? Physical boundaries play a role in matters of health and safety. What you allow your child to touch, and where you allow him freedoms to play, are often based on safety concerns first, and learning second." In my personal view, setting physical boundaries begins prior to age 14 months. As soon as my babies are mobile (even crawling) I begin to train them in what they are allowed to touch and where they are allowed to go. Setting physical b

Flashback Friday: A Tribute to Corey Smith

Friday, August 30, 2013

I had another Flashback Friday post planned for this week but then I got a message on FB from a friend asking me about this video. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this and with this weekend being the kick-off to college football...I figured it was a good time to share it :) Growing up Zach was always a Florida State fan. I'm not exactly sure why since his dad is such a hardcore UGA fan but I'm thankful for it since I'm a Seminole Girl myself. ;) While in college I started listening to Corey Smith a decent bit and it always annoyed Zach. He's never been a fan of that sound in music and especially loves to mock country music. He went to visit Austin when he was at Georgia Tech and they made this video together. I don't get half the jokes b/c I know very, very little about football and absolutely nothing about UGA football ;) But let it be said that we in no way dislike UGA or their fans at all. We're neutral with UGA b/c we both hate UF right? ;) It

Library and Brusters Fun

Thursday, August 29, 2013

With two kids, lots of free time, and not much spending money there aren't a ton of options around for things to do! I decided one morning to take the kids up to the library. Kye and I have been to the library a couple times but have never actually checked out any books. Is that horrible? Now that Zach and I are Parks and Rec people I kinda felt like a trader walking to the horrible library.  Haha.  Anyways...I have a library card, why not put it to use? So we enjoyed browsing the book selection (Which might I add was pretty sad...most of the books I saw had torn pages or crayon drawings. I mean  just because you are able to borrow the book doesn't give you the right to destroy  it!!!) and I let the kids each choose a few to bring home with us. It was a GREAT experience! It's not something I will probably do regularly for two reasons: 1. I was so concerned that we'd accidentally put the books away with our books and forget to return them and 2. pretty much all the

Monster Day!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I got home from Memphis at 2 am on a Saturday morning (June 22nd if anyone was wondering just  how far behind I am!). Thankfully  my sweet husband let me sleep a little later than our usual 7 am wake up time. Even though I was tired, I was itching  to see the kids! Zach took them down to the golf course to hit some balls (and, yes, he dressed them too...) and then we agreed I'd meet up with them at Lowe's for Build and Grow! Britt's face = PRICELESS That weekend was when the new Disney Pixar movie, Monsters University, came out in theaters. Zach and I planned on having to kids participate in the Monsters themed Build and Grow and then surprise them that afternoon with going to the movie! Good plan huh? Britt was more into "reading" the directions than actually building.  Her Mama's child...she will give the directions and let the boys do the legit work haha Finished products! Yes, I wore the exact same outfit as the da


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our last day in Memphis and the day I'd been waiting for!!! GRACELAND DAY!!! Whooohooo!!!! We started off that morning by taking our time getting up and ready for the day and enjoying a free breakfast with all the other Elvis fans staying at the hotel. It was neat to instantly have a common bond with every single person there! We even met a couple from Brazil who were visiting America for a short time and considered Graceland to be a "must see" place. Kinda funny to me? But I guess Elvis is about as American as they come huh? We had a short walk over to the entrance and passed over a cute bridge covered in signatures on the way. Duh...we had to add our names to the bunch :) Wait...Elvis is still alive?!?! Tickets! This is LEGIT! On the shuttle ride over we were, as expected, the youngest ones there. An older couple even commented on how nice it was to see a younger generation with an appreciation for The King. Um DUH. Who doesn't love  Elvis?!?! I
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