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Kye's Church Performance

Friday, May 31, 2013

Kye has already reached that age where he doesn't really tell me all the details of his life anymore. When we take him to Bible Class on Sundays and Wednesdays the only stuff he really tells us about is what treats he got at the General Store with his Bible Bucks haha. I, legit, had no clue he was part of a singing group until someone mentioned it on Facebook and I didn't know he had a performance until someone else told me.  The weeks leading up to the performance (on April 14th) were pretty much a blur to me due to foot surgery , but I wanted to make sure I was there to see him! They gave us a print out of the songs they would be singing and on the way to church that morning I asked Kye if he wanted to practice and he said "no ma'am, I got this!" So I trusted that he "had it." He was SO pumped about his performance and said he wanted to bring his guitar and drums and sing "Life is a Highway" up on the stage after they got done. We don&#

First Official "Girl Time"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Several months ago Zach heard about FSU hosting their Spring Game for free and wanted to take Kye. Originally we had talked about he and I taking Kye but the more I thought about it the more I felt like it was a great opportunity for Britt and I to have some quality time together. I feel like so often Britt misses out on stuff and I don't really get a lot of one on one time with her yet (although I'll be getting a TON when Kye goes back to school this fall and she doesn't have a morning nap anymore!). Zach decided to make it a legit guys day and invited his dad and Jordan. The game was on Saturday April 13th (I know look at that...I was just in March and now BAM! Mid-April! That's what foot surgery will do to ya!). Mr. Rusty recently joined a local golf club so he took Kye and Zach golfing that morning before heading to Tallahassee. I'm tellin' and football...legit guy time for sure!!! Jordan took these pics on his phone for me and they all had a
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