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Flashback Friday: Baby Zach

Friday, December 14, 2012

Since I got all the baby attention last week I thought it'd be fun to upload Zach's baby pictures! With mine the general consensuses was that Kye looked NOTHING like me but that Britt and I share some similar facial expressions. Overall though, I don't think you can look at my baby pictures and say that either of my kids look just like me. Everyone did point out how much my mom and I look alike though in those pics last week and I TOTALLY see it!!! Which I take as a compliment for sure ;)

Anyways I'm interested to see what everyone thinks about Zach as a baby. Do either of our children look like him??? Unfortunately I don't have very many pics of Baby Zach. The Parker's aren't as big into picture taking as my family has always been ;)

 With Big Daddy
 With Big Daddy, Little Mama, and Courtney
I'm assuming 1st Easter?
 With Big Daddy...1st Birthday!
 LOVE this of Mrs Charlotte!
 First Hair Cut
 These were taken with a Polaroid camera!
 His little tummy is so cute! THAT does remind me of Baby Kye haha
 One last one...where I see 100% BRITT!
My opinion?  We may wanna check Kye's birth certificate b/c homeboy didn't look like EITHER of his parents as a baby!!! After looking at these though I think Brittlynn looks a TON like her Daddy! Especially in that last one. I really want to look through Casey's baby book b/c when people ask who I think Britt looks like I do think she favors Casey a lot (hello BIG beautiful lips!!!) so I'd be interested to see if they looked similar as babies. 

Like me with my mom I KNOW yall are gonna say Zach looks like his Dad. They look SO MUCH alike!!! Maybe our kids will look more like us as they age too???

Can't wait to hear what you think and to see what everyone links up to this week!


  1. I love these flashbacks! I think Britt looks alot like her dad!

  2. I see Kye a lot in the first one and the last one looks just like Brittlyn! I have no idea who our kids look like. Half the people say me and half say J.

  3. my oldest is starting to look more and more like me,,so maybe as B gets older she will look like her mommy!

  4. I THINK Kye has Z's eyes? And I see a lot of Britt in Zach too. I love the hair cutting pictures Rusty probably spanked him for crying. Man up.

    Hahaha kidding. Or am I?

  5. Um - is it just me or does baby Z look a ton like Colt?!?


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