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Night Out!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Having one child is life changing. It is. Your entire WORLD changes and you see things in a whole new perspective. Having two children changes things again. Parenting is a BREEZE, but life is much crazier. Supposedly the jump from one to two is the toughest...I hope so!!!  Zach and I have noticed that we are more of a FAMILY now that we have Brittlynn. Not that we weren't a family with just Kye but we were more flexible. Able to do more. Adjust to fit situations. Get a sitter whenever needed. It's different with two children. Now we simply can't be flexible. Can't do nearly as much. Can't adjust to fit situations. And def don't get sitters often at all. Even though we are blessed with family who will keep our children, we both feel like it's a LOT more to ask of them. It just doesn't seem worth all the effort just to go out to eat for a couple hours, ya know? Recently we had plans to have some new friends over to eat. A bunch of stuff ended u

Kye Monthly Summary ~ September

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here's everything my sweet boy had going on during the month of September...the month where he officially turned 3 1/2 years old!!! Writing: Kye has become very into his writing. He has always liked to draw but now he likes to "write his letters." While he may not do them correctly, I appreciate his effort and know that the more he practices, the better his writing will become. Like the big "E"? ;) So proud of his work ethic! Big Boy: Kye has ALWAYS been pretty tough (which we realize even more now that we have Brittlynn who is not very tough at all haha) but now that he's getting older, he is getting even tougher. When he gets hurt he will sometimes still cry a little bit but he will "man up" (as Daddy calls it) and get over it pretty quickly. To me, I like to have a balance. I understand Zach's desire for Kye to be strong and deal with his emotions, however, I also want my son to KNOW it's okay to SHOW emotion. It&

Honeybee Festival

Monday, October 29, 2012

Last year Kye and I attended the Hahira Honeybee Festival for the first time (whoa check out mega pregnant Emily in that post...yikes!). It's a tradition that a lot of locals enjoy and this year it fell on a Saturday where we didn't have anything better to do. Zach has lived in Valdosta his ENTIRE life (well other than like 1 year when his family lived in Warner Robins) and has never gone to the Honeybee Festival! Isn't that nuts? So this was his first time experiencing it!!! We decided to go ahead and switch out Britt's car seat that morning (you can read about it here !) We brought the double stroller with us and Britt was happy as could be to ride around! We bypassed the crowds as quickly as we could and went to find the horses straight away. Pretty much my only goal for the event was for Kye to get to ride the horses. Last year it was $3 per ride...this year it was $5 per ride. I was planning to let both Kye and Britt ride but at $5 each?!?! Ridiculou
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