Honeybee Festival

Last year Kye and I attended the Hahira Honeybee Festival for the first time (whoa check out mega pregnant Emily in that post…yikes!). It’s a tradition that a lot of locals enjoy and this year it fell on a Saturday where we didn’t have anything better to do. Zach has lived in Valdosta his ENTIRE life (well other than like 1 year when his family lived in Warner Robins) and has never gone to the Honeybee Festival! Isn’t that nuts? So this was his first time experiencing it!!!

We decided to go ahead and switch out Britt’s car seat that morning (you can read about it here!)

We brought the double stroller with us and Britt was happy as could be to ride around!

We bypassed the crowds as quickly as we could and went to find the horses straight away. Pretty much my only goal for the event was for Kye to get to ride the horses. Last year it was $3 per ride…this year it was $5 per ride. I was planning to let both Kye and Britt ride but at $5 each?!?! Ridiculous. So Kye just rode. Britt and I watched ๐Ÿ™‚

As usual: Zach’s pic is adorable, mine not-so-much

He was LOVING it!!!

Thanks Robyn for this pic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next we went over to the bouncy section. Again, higher prices. $3 for ONE session in the bounce house. No joke. We opted for $1 PER SLIDE instead and got Kye two slide vouchers. He went to the big one first and it was BURNING hot. Bless his heart. I felt so guilty!!! ALL the stuff that was in the sun was hot to the touch. We ended up trading the tickets to get him a bounce house play time instead.

Staying cool while people watching…she loves to take it all in ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jump ‘N Jacks costs $5 for an entire day of unlimited jumping…this bounce house cost us $3 for about 5 min of jump time.

American Girl!

Of course Daddy made it fun and turned in into a game ๐Ÿ˜‰

She is in the stage where she points to EVERYTHING

It wouldn’t be a South Ga affair without some square dancing!

I got Britt up at 10:45, nursed her, then we headed to the festival. I packed the kids lunches but assumed Zach and I would just wait until we got home. Well it was MISERABLY hot. And crowded. And expensive. So neither Zach or I were having too much fun. We deserved a treat haha. He got a gyro and it was SO GOOD!!!! I sat with the kids and went ahead and let Kye start eating his lunch while we waited for the parade.

There was a HUGE speaker behind us playing loud music for the square dancing but he announced he was going to stop the music for the parade. So we sat directly in front of the speaker. The guys station was RIGHT behind that and he looked RIGHT in my eyes then turned on blaring loud music. Really dude??? So loud that it def was NOT safe for my kids ears. So we had to move right when the parade started. Luckily some elderly ladies were sweet enough to let my kids kinda take over their seats. Great view of the fire trucks!!!

The parade ran right down Main Street and that included going over the railroad tracks. People were lining the streets to watch, including standing on the tracks. It was CRAZY when a train came!!! Seriously, I was sure that someone was about to be killed. It happened literally as the parade was coming to that section of the road. Thankfully everyone was fine and moved out of the way in time but it was a scary moment!

We got home in time for naps and I’m not sure if we’ll be attending next year??? It might be worth it for the gyro haha but it was SO overpriced. We spent $20 in under 2 hours which is just crazy to me and it wasn’t worth the cost at all. I do like that Kye got to ride the horse, as I’m ALL about experiences, but I wonder if there is a place in town where I could take him to ride??? 

After naps it was such a warm day that we headed to the pool. It was Oct 6th yet we could still swim!!! Love it!!!

She LOVES her toy duck

New game – throw the rocket and Kye swims to get it

Here’s a video

The funniest thing about the game was how if Kye caught it he was all proud of himself saying “great catch!” then if he didn’t catch it then he’d say something about it being Zach’s fault like “you missed Daddy” haha

I told Zach he was looking good and this is the face he makes???

I’m LOVING how skinny he’s getting ๐Ÿ˜‰

While the Honeybee Festival was kinda a bust…we still had a fun family day! I think the festival would be MUCH more enjoyable if they moved it to later in the year when it’s cooler out. Dealing with crowds and 90 degree weather was just kinda miserable. I mean for DISNEY it’s worth it…but not really for a local festival haha

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