Kye Monthly Summary ~ September

Here’s everything my sweet boy had going on during the month of September…the month where he officially turned 3 1/2 years old!!!

Writing: Kye has become very into his writing. He has always liked to draw but now he likes to “write his letters.” While he may not do them correctly, I appreciate his effort and know that the more he practices, the better his writing will become.

Like the big “E”? πŸ˜‰

So proud of his work ethic!

Big Boy: Kye has ALWAYS been pretty tough (which we realize even more now that we have Brittlynn who is not very tough at all haha) but now that he’s getting older, he is getting even tougher. When he gets hurt he will sometimes still cry a little bit but he will “man up” (as Daddy calls it) and get over it pretty quickly. To me, I like to have a balance. I understand Zach’s desire for Kye to be strong and deal with his emotions, however, I also want my son to KNOW it’s okay to SHOW emotion. It’s okay to be upset, to cry, etc. Just in the proper place and setting. So I’m working on teaching him that. 

He fell and got hurt and wore his bandage like it was a medal of honor.

Showing his muscles, tough guy!

Mama’s Child: I am obsessed with peanut butter. I eat it pretty much on a daily basis. Since I was a kid I have enjoyed eating peanut butter crackers, granola bars with peanut butter and tuna (raw, canned type). and my favorite sandwich is peanut butter, tuna fish (again, raw from the can) and honey. My favorite bagel is peanut butter, bacon, egg and cheese. Yes, I’m strange. My dad is very much the same way and LOVES peanut butter on everything. Peanut butter makes everything better (and we are big JIF fans too). I have in no way influenced Kye to eat strange things like I enjoy…yet he randomly asked me to make him a sandwich with peanut butter and chicken on it. And he LOVED it. While eating it he kept saying “this is awesome” haha. Guess a peanut butter obsession is genetic?

Big Boy Swing: We officially took down the baby swing on our swing set. Britt now uses the toddler swing and it was time for Kye to start using the “big boy” swing. He’s not a fan. BUT they use it at school so I feel like it’s totally time. The downside of it is that it’s much lower than the toddler one was…kinda a pain to push him. AND since it is lower, it’s hard to swing him as high. He loves to swing super high and see the stop sign over our fence. This takes a huge effort on my part now haha

Projects: This month Kye attended the Lowe’s Workshop with Zach and made this cool game. He is always so proud of the things they make together and I love that it’s a quick, free, easy thing they can do just the two of them!!! We try to hit it up every Saturday morning that they have one and we’re in town!

School also did balloon animals one day. He said he asked for a pink horse but the lady gave him a blue giraffe instead (smart lady haha)

Play-Doh: If you’re on the hunt for a great gift for a preschooler, play-doh is IT. Kye got this factory set for his birthday (actually, he got THREE of them) and he plays with it ALL the time. I only let him choose one color at a time (and wouldn’t you know it…the ONLY color he has ever played with is the purple one. Kid loves him some pink and purple) and he just has a BLAST. It’s a great thing to do in the kitchen while I’m busy cooking or cleaning. Keeps him entertained, happy, and it’s a breeze to clean up.

His fav thing to make is “snakes”

Proud Mom moment. I went to nurse Britt and when I got done I came back in the kitchen and he had COMPLETELY cleaned up the entire thing by himself!!!

Lincoln Logs: He got a set of them for Christmas and they say “ages 3 and up” Honestly? I think it should say at least 4 and up. 3 is too young. Zach and I have had to build the houses for him and then he accidentally knocks them down and gets all upset so we have to build them again. Annoying. We rarely get them out b/c I don’t want to deal with the hassle of them. I helped him make a few houses on the fireplace (easier area to keep Brittlynn away than the dining room floor) and Kye surprised me by not getting upset when they did get messed up AND by building his own house for the very first time!!!! I love listening to him while he’s playing…here’s a video I took by being sneaky πŸ˜‰

Working on his house

Yay Kye!!!

Finished product πŸ™‚

Other Toys: After our Disney trip Kye became very infatuated with his pin collection. He put ALL the pins on his lanyard (I got a set of 25 hidden mickey ones off Ebay for $15!) and wears it around the house a lot. The only issue is that the pins fall of so easily…how do other people handle that issue???

G-Mama and Big Papa got Kye a camera last Christmas and he LOVES to take pictures of everything! He is turning into me πŸ˜‰

Looking through the pics he’s taken!

Memory: Kye has always had an AWESOME memory. Like he will remember stuff that just doesn’t make sense to remember. For example, when he was TWO he pitched a fit and broke his piggy bank. Obviously at that time he didn’t know his colors. Yet recently he told me that he wants Santa to bring him a new BLUE piggy bank like the one he broke. Kinda awesome that he remembers the color even when he didn’t know the name of the color from then. I don’t really think much of it. However, I was in the kitchen while Zach was watching the kids and playing blocks. He called me in to see Kye’s memory in action. They had built a block “city” and Zach was playing a game where he would take a block away when Kye wasn’t looking then Kye would remember exactly where the block was supposed to go. I brushed it away pretty quickly and said it wasn’t a big deal but then Zach and I both tested it on each other and neither of us could remember where the block was supposed to go. Here’s a video of it (and you can tell it took me awhile to admit that maybe Kye does have a little better memory than the norm!) and once I was a believer here’s another video πŸ˜‰

Big Helper: Zach and I do our best to encourage our children to be independent and to have a servant heart. If Kye shows interest in something we’re doing we always let him help out. It may make things take longer to get done, but it’s important for him to pitch in AND for us to learn to let him πŸ˜‰ He often wants to help me in the kitchen…I freeze a lot of food (fruit it a great thing to freeze for smoothies and such!) so I let him transfer the grapes from the cookie sheet to the storage bag. Great, simple way to help out.

However, I think he ate more than he put in the bag πŸ˜‰

Smile: This is just a random funny thing that happened but I was taking pictures of Brittlynn eating and Kye wanted some pictures of him too. I snapped the picture and Kye said “Mommy, I can’t smile!” This is his first attempt at smiling:

2md attempt

He kept telling me to take another one so he could try to smile again…I took like 5 pictures before he semi smiled. It cracked me up. Don’t they say it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown?!?!

School: Kye is LOVING school. Seriously. I am dreading him going 5 days but I know when he does go that he’ll fully enjoy it. I bought school shirts last year for him and for myself but he never wore it b/c it was HUGE on him (you’d think they’d sell super small sizes???) this year I bought them again if nothing else just to help out the school. The kids typically wear their shirts on Wed to Chapel but I like Kye to dress cute and just don’t like the shirts. I think they are adorable…but not very boyish. However, he specifically asked to wear his shirt for Chapel Day and was SO pumped about it. I never want him to feel left out or not included…so why not? Can you tell he was THRILLED????

Playing: I try to mix things up as much as I can on the days Kye is home. During the mornings Britt naps so we can’t go anywhere. Thankfully, we have like every toy you can imagine so he has PLENTY of options of things to keep him happily entertained πŸ˜‰ He typically asks me to build him towers and houses and such with his blocks, but he built this all on his own. It’s so neat to see him becoming more independent and able to create the things he envisions.

The “jumpoline” also keeps him busy!!!

Here’s a video of him

As do his legos πŸ™‚

And who doesn’t love to play in a big box???

Big Brother: I try SO HARD to give Brittlynn a lot of attention. I focus on her, honestly, more than Kye. However, Kye gets majority of my attention. He talks. He asks questions. He wants things. Expresses opinions. Etc. It’s natural that I try to focus on Britt as much as possible, because if I didn’t she probably wouldn’t get ANY of my attention haha. I took SO many pictures of Kye since birth, and I try to take a lot of Britt too. It’s caused Kye to actually start asking to have his picture taken. Um…I will NEVER turn down that offer πŸ˜‰

He is SUCH a great big brother. I heard there was a kids sale going on and Britt really needs fall/winter clothes so I took them both up to the sale. I had to go by the bank to get cash on my way since the sale was cash only and, of course, the bank gave him a sucker. Both kids did AWESOME during our time there and Kye did a great job not asking for a bunch of stuff and helping me look for Britt’s toys when she dropped them. He makes MY life EASIER and I’m so thankful to have him πŸ™‚ Here’s a video of them playing together.

My sweeties!!!

Other Stuff Kye was up to This Month:

  • Kye made up a song for me πŸ™‚ He said “Mommy this is your song: You are so loving, you are so pretty you, are so pretty, you are such a good mommy…and so sweet” LOVE IT
  • I gave him some carrots at lunch and he said “Mommy…I can’t eat this. It’s bad for my image”
  • He had SUCH a good time on our labor day trip and told EVERYONE about our “Orlando House”
  • He was playing with a toy snake and we asked him what the snakes name is and he said “Tiger Woods”
  • He started having bad dreams about bears. He said the bear was standing across his room but then when he closed his eyes the bear would jump onto his bed. I HATE when he has bad dreams as I have them too and know how horrible they are. I feel like the bear thing must have come from us taking him to see Brave???
  • On Sept 8th I was cleaning Britt in the tub and said something about washing her privates. Kye said “Mommy. She doesn’t have privates!!!” Kinda makes logical sense huh? πŸ˜‰
  • I wore my hair curly a lot during this month. When I’d go to cuddle with Kye before bed he’d touch my hair and say “Eww Mommy your hair is nasty”
  • I had to go to the eye dr and took both kids with me (more on that in an upcoming post). While we were in the waiting room Kye asked “Mommy who tooted?” I assumed it was HIM as it’s a game we often play. I said “Kye!!!” He said “No Ma’am THAT lady” super loudly and pointed to a lady sitting near us in the waiting room. I held back laughter and said “it was probably just the chair making noises” hahahaa
  • Kailyn’s Mom wrote me on FB and asked me if I’m pregnant. Kye told her at school that his mommy is just going to “keep having babies and keep having babies” (while spinning his finger around and around in the air) haha
  • Kye called Zach and idiot. When we asked where he heard it from he said Santa told him that
  • He has learned to whistle (guess he taught himself)? Here’s a video
  • When Kye is nervous he picks at the skin on the sides of his finger nails. I also do this and so does my mom. While it’s not a good habit…to me, it’s much better than biting finger nails!
  • He tells me in the car that I need to play the pirate song because it makes him crunk πŸ˜‰ we play it over and over and over and I even got his toy pirate sword from his closet and let him keep it in the car to use during the song!
  • Kye sings ALL the time but it’s hard to catch it on video…here‘s my attempt! I DID catch him singing “It’s a Small World” Here’s a video πŸ™‚
  • Before bed he has started saying VERY long prayers (no more of the same thing every night). A lot of times it’s hard for Zach and I to hold back our laughter at some of the things he comes up with. He looks at Zach SO seriously and says “Daddy. Think about it.” which only makes us laugh harder. He even said during a prayer “Thank you for Daddy. He is so annoying because he always tells jokes” haha
  • He calls ant bites “nipples”
  • Kailyn and Kye have a very on and off relationship. He started coming home from school this month saying that she’s not his friend anymore. I think they are at the age where they start to play with kids of the same sex. I think she’s more interested in her girl friends than she is in playing with him. I hate to see his feelings hurt, but I know it’s only the beginning of all the friendship drama to come!

Shepherding a Child’s Heart: Thanks to Kelly, I’ve started reading this AWESOME book and have really begun to put it into practice in our lives. I’m trying to relate EVERYTHING back to God in some way. Either to Jesus’ life. A story from the Bible that Kye knows. Or even pulling out scripture. It is already making such an impact on our family, but especially Kye. 

For example, a child in Kye’s class hits himself when he’s frustrated. Kye has come home and started to do the same thing. We had a talk about how God created us and how our bodies are a temple. I even showed him the exact scripture in his Bible, even though he can’t read it. We talked about how we have to take good care of our bodies and how hitting ourselves is NOT treating our bodies like the temple God made them to be. 

Kye loves to use this on me as well. He always wants to eat whatever I have to eat (even if we are eating the same thing) he will tell me “Mommy. The Bible says to SHARE food!” He also got his Bible out and said “hmmm let me find the page. Okay. God spoken and he said let them be sharing their drinks and drink a lot” haha I don’t think that’s quite accurate πŸ˜‰ He is learning the books of the bible at church and I’m proud of that. It encourages me as I do not know the books of the bible myself!!!

The book has been a HUGE blessing to me already (and I’m only on Chapter 7) and I encourage EVERYONE to read it! It is also helping me work on things with Kye that I didn’t really notice before that need tweeking. For example, Kye likes everything done a certain way in a certain order (sorta OCD type qualities…but I am not jumping to those types of conclusions by any means). I started working on this month changing the order up a bit even if it caused him to be unhappy. We aren’t supposed to parent our children so they will be HAPPY. It’s an easy trap to fall into. I don’t want to deal with punishing him so why not just do what I can to prevent him from doing something that would require punishment. But that’s not real life or realistic. He’s going to face adversity. He’s going to HAVE to do things in different orders. He has to learn to deal with it and it’s my job to help him cope within our home so he can better be prepared for the outside world!

Me: I don’t often write a section in Kye’s monthly summary. However, this was an emotional month for me. I look at Kye and just see him growing up SO MUCH every day and it’s tough on me. Someday I’m going to miss him running out from the bathroom to show me his hooded towel, begging me to stay in his bed and cuddle a little longer, wanting to give me a BIG kiss before bed each night. I wish I could freeze the time. Keep him this age right now. Where he adores me and “fights” with his Daddy insisting that I’m “his wife.” I get weepy eyed just thinking about how this time next year that probably won’t be the case anymore. That all too soon he’ll be more interested in his friends, girls, sports, etc than he will be in our home life and spending quality time with me. I try hard to not take any moment I have with him for granted and try to soak up all my sweet Kye loving for as long as I can πŸ™‚

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