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Orlando Trip ~ McDonalds!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

So did you know that the world's largest McDonald's is actually in Orlando??? You're welcome :) When Zach and I were planning our trip we decided that it would be a great place to go! Inexpensive, something Kye loves, and FUN!!! Who doesn't have memories of sitting on Ronald as a kid?!?! If you haven't been there before, then go. Like for real. This place was old school awesomeness. I had been when I was younger but didn't really remember it. Zach and I both loved it. And the kids did too! They had a HUGE play place that Kye went nuts over and even an area for babies/toddlers to play. I was shocked how quickly Brittlynn got into playing. Usually she's slow to warm up to new environments but she was off and crawling all over the place! Of course she had her little dog with her (I NEED to wash that thing...) My favorite thing...she LOVED this tunnel!!! Here's a video! It was SO fun seeing HER have fun!!! Kye w

Orlando Trip ~ Day 4

Saturday, September 29, 2012

When we booked our trip to Orlando we had the condo for a full week. We checked in on a Friday and didn't have to leave until the following Friday. Once we got there we REALLY wished we could stay the entire time, but it just wasn't possible. Zach really needed to be working (hello...these trips don't pay for themselves!!!) so we planned to head home first thing Wednesday morning. Being Labor Day weekend that would mean that he'd really only miss 1 full day of work but we'd squeeze in 4 full days of vaca together :) Win-Win! I have family in Melbourne which is only a 45 min drive from Orlando so I offered up our leftover nights to my aunt and uncle. I hope they enjoyed their little get-a-way as much as we did ours!!! For our last day we, shocker, did pretty much all the same things we did on the other days. Haha. Kye and I first headed to do our daily craft. He knew so well the routine that we would RACE from the condo to the car and back from the car to the co
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