Orlando Trip ~ Day 3

Day 3 of our trip was Monday (Labor Day). Since we were staying at a timeshare they hassled us and hassled us about taking a tour. They offered us $100 so, duh, we took the tour. It lasted longer than they promised (which doesn’t it always?) so Zach and Britt left the tour for her nap and I finished it with Kye. It was actually pretty fun for him as we got to ride on a “bus” and on a boat (and scored $100…can’t complain!) After the tour we headed over for craft time! On this day they did painted banks. When Kye was a baby he had a personalized piggy bank…over a year and a half ago he went through a “trying twos” phase where during a fit he grabbed the bank, came out of his room, and shattered it. It was the only time he’s ever ruined something and he STILL talks about it. This craft was a good opportunity to replace the poor shattered pig πŸ˜‰

He chose a robot bank…it required a lot of pink paint, of course

I did a turtle for Britt πŸ™‚

After our craft time and after I nursed Brittlynn we headed down to a different pool. A little variety is always good right? This one had a BIG adult pool and then a kiddie pool area. I knew Kye would enjoy the giant umbrella/mushroom (I always for some reason have called them mushrooms??? Fond memories at Lake Lanier Islands!). Anyways…I was right, he loved it!

While we were there I saw a little girl (like 2 years old or a little younger probably?) fall in. She slipped on the little step to get in the kiddie pool and went in head first. It was crazy to see how FAST it happened. Thankfully her dad scooped her up super quick but it was a nice reminder to ALWAYS be mindful around water. I’m so, so thankful Kye has his survival skills so I can focus majority of my “pool radar” on Brittlynn!

Haha awesomeness

My FAVORITE part of this entire trip was that Brittlynn’s personality truly blossomed. I felt like I got to know her better on this vacation. I know that seems random but at home we’re SO BUSY all the time and it felt like here we got to do things that SHE enjoyed and just take our time and really soak her up. It’s easy at the house to think “gah she’s fussy all the time” but when we were in Orlando she rarely fussed. She was a true joy the entire trip and laughed and smiled and was just precious. She had us cracking up non-stop with her little antics!

She LOVED standing on her own in the pool and hanging on with one hand πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video of her enjoying it, then losing her balance haha

Originally we had planned to go out to eat for dinner that night. We don’t have a Chuck-E-Cheese type place where we live so we thought it’d be fun to take the kids to one while we were there. But really I didn’t feel like going anywhere (I know WHAT is happening to ME?!?!?!) and didn’t want to spend the money. So we decided just to have another chill night at the condo! It was great!!!

Brittlynn loved having the freedom of crawling all over the place

She LOVES standing up and holding on with one hand!

She also really loves touch and feel books now πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video of her

And another video πŸ˜‰

I adore how she touches them with her pointer finger, it’s so “lady like” to me!

Zach wanted to have some quality time with Brittlynn which was REALLY sweet. So after nap I got some special “Kye time.” We went back to the activity center to make some slime. It was my least favorite craft project as it was pretty gross and didn’t even last long enough to take home with us!

My camera was being funky, super strange picture!

We also hit up the playground but Kye didn’t like the sand in his shoes!

So back to the splash park we went!

He made a friend right away and had fun sharing his ball

My handsome boy!

Kye has NO FEAR. Another mom was down there too and she kept talking about how funny Kye was to watch because he’d ask kids to dump the water bucket on his head when he walked by. He’d even stand and wait for it haha.

Zach was REALLY thoughtful to offer for Kye and I to go have fun together. I tried to be Kye’s type of fun…which meant getting my hair wet and not caring how I looked. I just tried to enjoy HIM. However, I also realized something. I’m not a boy. Haha. I went down that slide and ohmygoodness it was not my thing. I also have zero interest in getting a bucket of water dumped on my head. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time. But I think we both had more fun together doing something more in my element like the crafts. Kye enjoyed the splash park more with Zach because Zach is more the active type parent. He wouldn’t have enjoyed the crafts as much with Zach as he did with me because that’s not an area Zach would really be all about (I can picture him rushing through the craft in order to get to the water slide haha).

We ended up playing pretend alligators in the water rather than sliding down the slide. I’m good at the pretend games…I mean I was a Barbie fanatic. So I can handle that like a pro πŸ˜‰ 

Fierce Faces!

The water slide revelation made me very appreciative. My children are so blessed to have such involved parents. They truly get the best of both worlds! We are also so blessed as parents. I’m so thankful that we have one of each. Zach has his crazy, wild, dare-devil son to be all-boy with and I have my sweet, simple, mellow girl to chill with me and watch the boys craziness πŸ˜‰ 

When we got back to the condo Zach and Britt had enjoyed themselves relaxing outside and starting to cook our dinner. Since we didn’t go out for pizza we did our own home-made version instead!!!

One thing our kids have in common…they are both ALL about the food haha

Daddy’s helper!

Kye wanted to help too!

Zach’s face haha you can tell he’d rather get it done quickly by himself haha

Prepared by Kye!

He was so excited, he asked for another picture

I’m glad I packed these blocks to bring with us, they came in handy and are safe for Britt!

Here’s a video of him singing while playing πŸ˜‰

Britt got a little fussy so we took to the yard while we waited on the pizza

Britt’s new “arms up” trick is catching on…


I love how they are both in their “underwear” and just playing in their own little world

Here’s a video of our crazy kids playing together (and Britt cracking up)

Here’s a video of them together

It was such a wonderful day!!! Zach and I enjoyed that night free from any sporting events (Saturday was the FSU game, Sunday was golf…). We actually got to cuddle up and watch some more of The Office together! πŸ™‚


  1. Katie Roberts
    September 27, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    Lol! Zach's bored face is hilarious. I'm sure I look the same way when I let the kids to things…I mean, I know it's important to build independence, so I let them do it but it'd be so quicker if I did it myself. The place you stayed looked so fun! Crafts, playground, and fun splash/pool areas!

  2. Makayla Csencsits
    September 28, 2012 / 2:22 am

    Such a gorgeous family! Your blog posts are amazing!

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