Orlando Trip ~ Day 4

When we booked our trip to Orlando we had the condo for a full week. We checked in on a Friday and didn’t have to leave until the following Friday. Once we got there we REALLY wished we could stay the entire time, but it just wasn’t possible. Zach really needed to be working (hello…these trips don’t pay for themselves!!!) so we planned to head home first thing Wednesday morning. Being Labor Day weekend that would mean that he’d really only miss 1 full day of work but we’d squeeze in 4 full days of vaca together ๐Ÿ™‚ Win-Win! I have family in Melbourne which is only a 45 min drive from Orlando so I offered up our leftover nights to my aunt and uncle. I hope they enjoyed their little get-a-way as much as we did ours!!!

For our last day we, shocker, did pretty much all the same things we did on the other days. Haha. Kye and I first headed to do our daily craft. He knew so well the routine that we would RACE from the condo to the car and back from the car to the condo. Speed demon!

Since he always wins (why run right?) he knows to wait patiently for me to catch up

Lap riding!

Before each craft he always picked me a flower. So sweet!

The craft for the day was tye-dye t-shirts.

I was, of course, freaking out about getting the dye on us. I asked for as much stuff to cover us up as possible!

It wasn’t too bad though! They had squirt bottles and I just let the activity people take control while I watched from a safe distance ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was a fun craft but also a disappointment because it required me to do more with it once we got home (soak it in vinegar or something?). Needless to say…it’s still sitting on top of my washing machine waiting to be finished. C’mon we’re not really the tye-dye shirt wearing types anyways haha I did like how it turned out though and maybe I’ll actually get around to finishing it!

Ready for the SPLASH PARK one last time!

Zach took him and also took the camera along

I ADORE this. Sometimes Zach will surprise me with some picture skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

Zach took this video of Kye going down the slide!

After Britt’s nap we decided to just go to the pool by our condo. We hadn’t actually tried that one yet and they had some cool jet things and a very shallow section perfect for the kids. I had been there to lay-out but always went during naps and it was SO CROWDED with tons of loud music that I didn’t enjoy it. At 11 though it was empty. Perfect!!!

Of all the wonderful moments of our trip I think this time in the pool together was my favorite. ALL of us had fun. Brittlynn at that point had become a little mermaid and just wanted to play play play in the water. She was cracking up majority of the time and got pretty brave there too (gotta keep an eye on that wild child…she needs her swim lessons soon!) Kye had a blast swimming and playing and all four of us got to play together which is a rare thing when you have two kids who are almost three years apart in age ๐Ÿ™‚ So I tried to savior every second!

Of course I brought this duck for Brittlynn to play with but it quickly turned into a ball to be thrown and caught…

Throwing and catching the poor duck!

Playing in the jets

Wild Child on the loose!

Not too much of a water-in-the-face fan

Swimming with Daddy

Kye’s turn…playing a game with the duck

Since we’d start the packing up process that night I wanted to get a pic of how we had Kye’s sleeping situation rigged up. We had him sleep in our room since we only used it to sleep in anyways. There was a nice little section between the closet and window that was just perfect for his “room!”

He loved it and slept GREAT the whole trip!!!

Haha I took a picture so I wouldn’t forget to blog about this…so Britt slept in the bathroom and Kye slept in our room. We hung out in the living room the whole time and would sneak into our room when it was bedtime. It was obviously pitch black when we went to bed Monday night and I hear this LOUD crash. Our kids both sleep with box fans on for white noise and Zach had tripped over Kye’s. Of course Kye wakes up because of the fall but even worse is that the fan BROKE. Um. Not good. Thankfully we had Britt’s fan so we just pulled hers into our room and left the bathroom door opened so they could both hear it. First thing Tuesday morning Zach had to go run and get a new fan!

For our last night in Orlando we went out to eat…that post is coming up next ๐Ÿ™‚

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