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The Cookie Experiment

Friday, August 31, 2012

Everyone knows how much I LOVE Babywise. Sometimes I get hated on for following a book for my parenting methods. But ya know what? I follow a book for how to live my life (The Bible!) so why not have a guide for how to raise my children? As a wise friend once said...haters are gonna hate ;) There is a -wise book for EVERY stage of parenting. Brittlynn is currently in Babywise II and Kye is in Preschool Wise (you can order your own copy here !). I have just started reading it (usually I like to read the book before my child reaches that stage so I can be prepared...but I've been slacking!) and am LOVING it. So much of it deals with the conscious and moral training, which is so vital at this age. Self-control is also an important skill to master. I'm stealing from the book here (page 38): Timely gratification training leads to greater self-control in children, which then leads to longer attention spans and an advanced aptitude for academic and moral learning. The key ter

Kye Monthly Summary ~ July

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kye is truly such a joy and is at an age where everyday he becomes more fun!!! I never want it to end! Here's what he was up to in July: Lizard Friend: I LOVE our house location. Even though we are in a neighborhood we have quite a few animal visitors. TONS of squirrels and birds and lizards! They are adorable (like legit, I love them) and they hang out on our back porch all the time. I guess they are all friendly with each other too because now we have baby lizards! This cute little guy is super friendly too. Kye was pumped to get to hold him and it was so neat to watch him change colors right before our eyes. He was bright green and by the time we stopped visiting with him he was brown! SO cute!!! Memory Verse: I am SO thankful we attend Central Av Church of Christ!!! I couldn't be happier there for myself but especially for Kye. He moved up to the "big kid" classes this month. He now has memory verses to learn and I am SO impressed
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