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Romantic Date Night

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zach and I haven't had a date night since our mini-Christmas celebration , the weekend before Brittlynn was born. Over two months ago. Granted, we had a baby. I mean, that's a valid excuse to let things slip a little right? No matter how many babies we add to our bunch, our marriage will ALWAYS come first. I'm so, so thankful I married a man who values marriage and who truly desires to see my happy.  We planned a date night the Thursday after Valentine's Day (Feb 16th). It was a Valentine's/Post-Baby date. I did NONE of the planning. It was 100% Zach. He planned everything we would be doing that night, arranged childcare, and even picked out what he wanted me to wear. Of course, the three dresses he picked out ended up not being what I actually wore (one was wayyyy too tight still, one was wayyy to big, and the other required a strapless bra which would be pretty uncomfortable seeing as I'd be missing a feeding and need to pump once we got home), but I LOV

Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kye really enjoys making crafts so I thought it'd be fun for him to make Valentine's this year. Last year I pretty much made them and just let him color on them, remember ? This year I got out some valentine's colors of paper and paint and just let him go to town. He got pretty creative! The sweetest part was that he picked out who got which Valentine and decorated them each especially for the recipient. Of course, he was pretty into the whole hand print thing so most of them had those on it (but who doesn't love a child's hand print?!?!). I have a bunch of left over foam stickers from his birthday party last year so he also used those as decorations. We handed out the Valentine's to all the locals and mailed the ones we needed to mail. Everyone loved their special Kye Valentine! I was glad that actual Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday so we could spend the whole day together. The morning started out with a v
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