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Movie Date

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I LOVE having Brittlynn here, but I do also miss the fun times Kye and I had prior to her birth. We did SO much together, especially during the end of my pregnancy. I got pretty spoiled with my "Kye time" ;) As a nursing mother, I am pretty tied down to the house right now and it was SO great that Kye and I got to go out and do something fun just the two of us. When I first heard that Beauty and the Beast was coming out in 3D I knew it'd be a fun thing for us to do together. We didn't go see Lion King when it was out because I worried the daddy dying part would be extra scary on a big screen. But Beauty and the Beast is pretty mild so I thought it'd be perfect for his age! We went on a Sunday afternoon so Zach could keep Brittlynn. We left at 4:45 and I pumped before leaving so Zach could give her a bottle when it was time to eat then I was home before the next feeding. It all worked out super smooth! He kept thinking we were going to Disney World! I told him

Week Five Summary

Brittlynn's fifth week of life was from January 3rd - January 9th. Here is what she was up to during this week (and it's a LOT): Sleep: Whew. Week five was MEGA tough. I wanted to cry. I think I did cry. She just would not sleep during the day. Literally. Like the longest stretch she got of solid daytime sleep was 20 minutes. It wore me out! I knew the reason doing shh-pat wasn't working was that I wasn't doing it long enough. I'd "shh" and pat until she was asleep then leave. Hogg (in The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems ) even says if you don't do it long enough the baby won't go into a deep sleep. Well sorry Hogg but I have a toddler to attend to and I can't be sitting by a crib for 40 minutes at a time!!! I got pretty ticked at good 'ole Hogg on Jan 3rd and reached a breaking point during this week (yes, it happens to us ALL!). I said screw it and just let her cry. An entire nap. She literally cried for an hour straight. Do

Britt ~ One Month Old!

Just like I did with Kye, I plan to post a monthly blog entry for Brittlynn and track her development using What to Expect the First Year . I am TERRIBLE at knowing developmental milestone stuff. Like seriously, I have no clue what kids should be doing when so this will help me see how she's doing and what I need to be working on with her. I planned to order monthly stickers for her from the same site I had my belly ones from during pregnancy but that seller when on a break because she had a baby too! So I bought these stickers from a new Etsy seller and you can purchase some of your own here ! I didn't do a monthly sticker thing for Kye (did they have them back then?) but I like the idea that every month will be similar pictures. I'm not sure on a location for them all yet, I may change it up each month. We got her an ADORABLE chair for her room but it hadn't arrived in time for the one month ones so I may use that in the future, we'll see ;) The day she turned
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