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Waiting for Blitzen

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's amazing to me how different it is to be pregnant a second time. At this point with my first pregnancy I was dying for it to be over. I hated all things pregnant and just wanted so badly to meet my baby. This time around, while I'm anxious to meet Blitzen, I'm also not in as big of a rush. I'm enjoying these last days of us as a family of three and soaking up all the memories we can together. I'm SO thankful that I have such a wonderful husband. He, like me, wants to focus on lots and lots of family time before the baby arrives. Isn't it a huge blessing to have a husband who puts family first?!?! Back on Nov 12th Kye and I attended a birthday party that morning while Zach did some finishing touches on the storage shed. That afternoon we had a family day and went down to Lake Park to pick out Blitzen's first outfits. We did this same thing when we were getting ready for Kye to arrive (you can see the post here !). We let Kye play with the Lego table

Breaking Dawn Part I

I have gone to the midnight premiere of all the Twilight movies. I'm so hardcore ;) It started off with just a few of us, grabbing Steak and Shake before the movie and has turned into an all-out girl's night including dressing up and everything! I've written a blog entry for each movie night: Twilight (I was pregnant with Kye!), New Moon and Eclipse   (so funny that Crissy was pregnant for the Eclipse night and Breaking Dawn)! It's always a great time and this year didn't disappoint. I may have been 1 day shy of 37 weeks pregnant but I didn't let it slow me down one bit! Crissy, Casey and I were the only really hardcore ones who decided to make shirts again. I just think going ALL OUT for stuff makes it SO much more fun and memorable. Crissy and I are different in many ways, but this is one way we are exactly alike. Originally Zach was supposed to be in Louisiana so Kye and I planned to spend the night at Mrs. Charlotte's. Lucky for me Zach was home
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