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Prayers for two Haydens

Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm not one to let anyone stop me from doing what I feel is right so even though the last time I asked you all for prayers I had a very dramatic response ( remember? ), I'm still going to continue to ask for prayers when situations arise that they are needed. I've been thinking about prayer lately and what a huge responsibility it is when someone directly asks you to pray for them or for a situation. I feel honored that people trust me to pray and it really is a responsibility to send up those requests to the Lord. In asking for prayer, a person is telling you that they know you are a righteous person who will take the time to talk to God on their behalf. They trust you with this important job and it's our duty to actually do the praying! Don't just say "oh my, of course I'll pray for you" then go on with your busy life and not stop and say the prayers you've just promised to say. I'm trying to work on this and am getting myself into the hab


Friday, January 28, 2011

Last year we waited a loooooong time to open our stockings and this year we did the same thing! My "plan" for the stockings is to open them after we eat breakfast at Big Daddy's and before we go to Mom's to celebrate with her. That way we get to have some type of gift opening tradition among just our little family each year. We all know our Christmas this year was not "typical" so we just went with it and instead of digging out our stockings from storage we used one Zach won from a men's retreat for Kye's and I bought 2 little ones for $1 each at Target. It worked! Our hope is to take a trip to the Dollar Store each year and spend a certain amount on each other and each child and have each child pick out some gifts for us and each other as well. We did actually do that this year! Sure, Valentine's Day stuff was out but whatever! It was fun being sneaky through the store and not letting the other people see what we had in our buggies and Kye

First House Visitors!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Several of our friends have been by to see the house prior to us moving in but it's been fun to have our close friends over during the un-packing phase. Each person who has been allowed inside this house since move-in day should consider themselves lucky. I really don't like anyone seeing it before it's done! However, with our finances the way they are it may be a looooong time before it's finished the way I envisioned it so I just have to get over myself and invite people over, am I right? Seth was planning to help us move in but then pretty much his entire household got mega sick and he had to take care of his fam so he couldn't make it. He was so sweet to come help Zach put up some of the heavier furniture pieces and he brought the most adorable cookies that he and Crissy made for us! I know as women we typically get super tight with other women and don't really consider their husbands our friends but I honestly consider Seth my friend and not just "

Photography Workshop: Class 1

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Several years ago when Courtney got married I remember meeting her photographer and instantly liking him. He said my nose ring was hott and, duh, flattery works :) Once Zach and I started talking to him we realized that he was our kind of person. He was in a transition from traditional wedding photography to photojournalism type stuff and we just so happened to fall perfectly in line with where he was headed. The DAY after we got engaged we booked him. I didn't know my budget. I didn't know where we'd be getting married. Heck, I didn't even know the date. But Zach and I knew we had to have Javon ! It was hands down the best decision I made when planning my wedding. Zach and I love every single picture he took and constantly say we wish Javon could be with us ALL the time to capture our lives in his pictures :) Another bit of perfect timing happened recently: I have been blogging for awhile now and am constantly taking pictures but never feel like they are up to par

The Many Faces of Cookie Eating

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've always been told that I have an expressive face. That you can read my emotions just by looking at me. Kye also has many different expressions and I love it. As a mom anything you see of yourself in your child makes you excited (especially when your husband looks exactly like his father so you assume that your son will probably end up looking exactly like your husband!). For some reason this day I allowed Kye to have a couple animal crackers while on the potty - we had a blast snackin' it up while poopin' it up :) Pretty much every picture I ever post on the blog has some editing done to it even if it's just cropping and adjusting the lighting. When I went through all of these pictures to edit I had a tough time deleting any of them. Each one made me smile and I happen to think he looks simply adorable with each different you get to enjoy them all! No captions even needed :) Any favorites? Can he just stay this sweet and ado
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