First House Visitors!

Several of our friends have been by to see the house prior to us moving in but it’s been fun to have our close friends over during the un-packing phase. Each person who has been allowed inside this house since move-in day should consider themselves lucky. I really don’t like anyone seeing it before it’s done! However, with our finances the way they are it may be a looooong time before it’s finished the way I envisioned it so I just have to get over myself and invite people over, am I right?

Seth was planning to help us move in but then pretty much his entire household got mega sick and he had to take care of his fam so he couldn’t make it. He was so sweet to come help Zach put up some of the heavier furniture pieces and he brought the most adorable cookies that he and Crissy made for us! I know as women we typically get super tight with other women and don’t really consider their husbands our friends but I honestly consider Seth my friend and not just “Crissy’s husband” or “Zach’s friend.” He’s an awesome guy, the most devoted husband I’ve ever met, and a great daddy too! Zach and I are so blessed to have both he and Crissy as friends 🙂

They know how much I LOVE lots of texture and toppings so they used all kinds of decorations for the cookies…didn’t they turn out adorable? SO thoughtful! When I think of a having a servant heart, I ALWAYS think of Seth and Crissy and how I need to be more thoughtful the way they are!

Katie is another super thoughtful, sweet friend. She had to miss out on the big moving day because she had to work (but seriously, she deserved not to have to help…our move into the last house it was JUST Zach, Katie, Ashley and I!!!) but she offered to bring us dinner a few days after we moved in. Trust me…when Katie offers to cook no one ever refuses. Her food is AMAZING!!! And she also bought us a sweet card and gift card to Target. I’m telling you, so thoughtful! We had a fun time eating and catching up. We’ve hung out with Katie and every house we’ve lived in since Zach got out of high school so I’m excited to see what fun memories we’ll make together in this new house 🙂

I feel mega guilty for this but Crissy also came over soon after we moved in and she brought all three of her kids to play. We talked each others heads off so much that I totally forgot to get a picture to put up here but she was here and we did have a blast! It was proof that the playroom can handle anything because all our kiddos put it to the test 🙂 I love having them live so close as we get to hang out so much more often now!

Since we’ve become friends with Matt and Robyn we trade off dinners at each others homes. While our old house was in chaos they were sweet enough to take some of our turns for us so now we owe them a few dinners 🙂 Matt was helpful with some more heavy furniture pieces (aren’t you proud of Zach for taking it easy? He’s been SO careful!) and Robyn and I enjoyed girl talk while letting the kids (well the men and the kids…so basically all the kids!) play in the playroom. We were all having such a fun time that they ended up letting Lorelai stay at her grandparent’s house (who live right down the street from us- so convenient) so the adults could hang out longer. We talked, laughed, and played board games until midnight. Good times!

Having company over always makes me more motivated to get stuff DONE around here…so who wants to visit next??? 

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