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First Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Because I know Mom and I need a good laugh today and maybe more of you do too :)

Father's Day

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This year for Mother's Day Zach (and Kye) gave me an "Emily Day" filled with all the things they knew I would enjoy. So....I stole the idea :) For Father's Day we had a day all about Zach! We're pretty broke right now due to all our house stuff going on so we said no gifts but after Zach's sneaky self buying me an anniversary present when he wasn't supposed to I felt like I could get away with getting him a little something. So again, I stole his idea and got him a massage! He got a 2 hour deep tissue massage AND a pedicure. He's been under SO much stress lately and doing so much physical work with all the moving that he really deserved it :) Our day started off with letting Daddy sleep in while Mommy and Kye made cinnamon rolls and then we surprised Daddy with breakfast in bed! Kye was in such shock to get to eat a cinnamon roll that he just sat there with it in his mouth, my child is so deprived. With our cards and his itinerary for the day W

Bits of Summer

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summers are always filled with lots of fun things and good times together with friends. So far this summer has been all of that and more for us...having a toddler is just SO fun and I love that we can do so many great summer things together! Here are some of the fun times we've had so far: We got to go to Giulio's to celebrate Katie's 25th Birthday! It was a fun night with good food but pretty stressful too as it was the first time a potential buyer came to look at our house. I was rushing like crazy to get to dinner on time and have the house spotless, but we made it and had a good time too :) Kye's saying "not another picture..." bffs! My good friend Ashley and her boyfriend, Garrett, have been blessed to have a house pretty much given to them. It needs a lot of work but it's a super cute little place and I'm so excited for them! We have gone out there (it's in Lake Park) to see it and help fix it up and it made me slightly tempted to give u

In Honor of Tripp

Thursday, June 24, 2010

By now anyone who reads this blog has heard about sweet baby Tripp's journey to Heaven. You have probably also been reading Rachael's blog and keeping her and her family in your prayers. Please continue to do that as I know God is comforting them and surrounding them in His love. I have been in awe of this online community and the amazing outreach we've all been for this family. Several of us "blog moms" have been "talking" and feel strongly that we have enough people among us to do something very special for the Copponex family in honor of Tripp. SO many of you have contacted me asking what you can do. Many of you know Rachael and her family personally, but many many of you know her only from her blog. You read her cute stories and honest take on parenthood and you laugh right along with the rest of us. And now, reading about her experience in a grief that no parent should have to face, your heart reaches out to them. We all love Rachael and we AL

House Plans

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am BEYOND excited to show all my blog buddies the plans for our future home! Zach and I have been praying so much about this situation. We are firm believers in giving to GOD FIRST in all we do, including with any money "we" (meaning "Zach") earn. I'm proud of us for that because when you add up how much we give to God each year financially it really adds up and I know most people our age would blow that cash and not want to give it "away." But truly, it's ALL His anyway! And we believe that He will always take care of you as long as you put Him first. So we try, we're a work in progress, but that's one area I feel proud of us about for sure! By taking on this new adventure in building a home we are having to come up with money all over the place and it's scary. We trust that the Lord will provide but at the same time we aren't sitting back and waiting for it to fall in our laps. We feel the house we build needs to fit our nee

Hat Boy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This past month Kye has fallen in LOVE with wearing hats. My mom told me early on that the more hats we put him in then the better he'd be at wearing them but I never thought he'd be ASKING us to put them on him! He loves getting into his closet and pulling out his fireman hat from his one year photo shoot . Here's a video of Kye lookin' "handsome" in his hat. Tell me this isn't adorable? he typically misses his head and puts the "hat" on his neck I hope this is one love of his that never dies

500 Entries

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow, I've officially written 500 blog posts! Can you believe it??? I never thought that when I wrote my first post that it would become what it has. Not saying I'm Kelly from Kelly's Korner gettin' some 200 comments per entry or anything but it's become a big part of my life and I've made so many close friends because of it. I enjoy having people come up to me in stores or write me on Facebook and talk about my blog. Growing up I always dreamed of writing a book and this is the closest I'll ever come to doing that. It's such a great feeling to hear that someone has gained something from what I write, that I've inspired someone in someway, or even just that Kye is cute. I have an instant bond with anyone who says they read it as I know they aren't strangers but are instead close friends. I write because I truly love it. I love expressing myself through writing (just ask Zach, I'd rather we argue through emails as maybe I'd have a chance

15 Month Pediatrician Visit

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 7th was the day I was dreading. The big MMR appointment. YIKES. I am a person who likes to research before making decisions but I typically prefer to rely on trusted resources (like the Babywise books or blogs I follow or close friends). When you start hunting around on the internet for advice regarding this shot you get so many different answers. You also get so many different answers when talking to friends. You hear that there is NO link to Autism with getting the vaccine but then you hear of those cases where the child had the shot and BAM! woke up Autistic. It's just scary. And the stats for Autism are an unbelievable 1 out of every 110 children! Since boys are more likely than girls to suffer from it I feel I'm right in worrying. It's a scary thing and I just don't want to make a choice that could potentially affect the rest of my life and especially my child's life. In the end we went with getting the shot as scheduled. Our pediatrician feels confid

Slippin' and a Slidin'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The weekend when I went up to Atlanta with Crissy to show our support for Rachael and family we had, as usual, already had plans. Saturday was Mrs. Charlotte's Day. For Mother's Day we all chipped in and got her a gift card to a local nursery and said we'd spend the whole day at her house helping to make her yard beautiful. While I hated to miss a family day, I didn't miss much other than all the work (which I got lucky to miss for sure!) Crissy and I got back just in time for the fun to start :) I left one of my cameras with them so some pictures could be taken if I missed anything and here are some of the cute moments Mommy missed from the day: Older cousin pushing the younger one in the rain Kye learned how to drive Colt's Power Wheels 4 Wheeler (potential Christmas present?!?) On our way back from Atlanta, Zach called and said that they were setting up a slip and slide and for Crissy to tell Seth to bring the girls over there too so they could join in. Whil
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