Bits of Summer

Summers are always filled with lots of fun things and good times together with friends. So far this summer has been all of that and more for us…having a toddler is just SO fun and I love that we can do so many great summer things together! Here are some of the fun times we’ve had so far:

We got to go to Giulio’s to celebrate Katie’s 25th Birthday! It was a fun night with good food but pretty stressful too as it was the first time a potential buyer came to look at our house. I was rushing like crazy to get to dinner on time and have the house spotless, but we made it and had a good time too 🙂

Kye’s saying “not another picture…”


My good friend Ashley and her boyfriend, Garrett, have been blessed to have a house pretty much given to them. It needs a lot of work but it’s a super cute little place and I’m so excited for them! We have gone out there (it’s in Lake Park) to see it and help fix it up and it made me slightly tempted to give up neighborhood living and instead live in the country. It would be neat to have tons of animals and let Kye run and play in a big field…but then reality set back in and I couldn’t never see myself living the country life for long haha!

Robyn and I met through this blog and have been friends now for a year! It’s hard to believe that time has passed that quickly but it has and I’m thankful for her friendship. Now we are more than friends…we are Toy Watch twins too 🙂 We’ve had them over for dinner and we’ve been to their house for dinner already this summer and I’m sure more fun get-togethers are to come, especially since the kids are starting to legitimately play together 🙂

sexy watch modeling poses

Several months ago I joined an online playgroup community in Valdosta but have yet to actually attend any of the events. Usually they just happen to plan stuff while Kye is napping so we can’t go. FINALLY we were able to show up to something and it was so so so much fun! They had a playgroup at this local Splash Park where water jets shoot up from the ground and the kids can run through them. The first time we went the water didn’t work and it was so hot outside but the second time it worked and it was worth the wait! I enjoyed meeting the other moms and Kye really had fun with all the kids so I’m hopeful that we can attend more stuff in the future. 

While the other kids were cautious about the water, Kye was the first one to run in!

He loved it and ran around SCREAMING and cheering haha

He is a ladies man and had all the girls wanting to play with him

but little did they know he was using them for their food…

The splash park is seriously awesome but it’s located in a semi-shady area of town so I don’t feel comfortable going alone. It runs from 12-7 Tue-Sat if any other moms want to go check it out (I can go at noon or possibly at 3 on weekdays). I really want to get to go again soon!

I mentioned in my post about stuff I feed Kye that I made surprise-icles but hadn’t had Kye try them yet. Well, he’s tried them and they are a HIT!

First time ever having a popsicle

figured out how it works pretty quickly


would you kiss this face?

I’m sure there will be many more posts of all our summer fun times to come!

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