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Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our days surrounding Christmas are INSANE!!! It's go go go. Mom arrived the afternoon of the 23rd then that evening we went to the BIG Parker dinner where ALL the cousins, and aunts, and uncles gather up...even distant ones. It was a little too loud for Kye so I didn't actually get to see many people and since it started at 7 we left pretty quickly as Kye needed to be in bed on time! The morning of the 24th we rushed to get out the door as soon as Kye was done eating. We headed over to Mrs. Charlotte's and woke up all Zach's cousins (they camped out the night before on Big Daddy's property) to play the annual Parker Football Game. It was FREEZING but I was a good wife and watched the whole thing (and took pictures, and video taped, and kept the time...). Of course Zach's team won! us women kept watch over the kids (Kye was napping inside) and enjoyed talking After the football game we headed inside to enjoy the day together as a family. Zach's tradition g

Christmas Pre-Game

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes, get ready for a TON of pictures from Christmas! I took 900 in just three days!!! Before we get to all of that, I thought I'd share some of our fun that took place prior to Christmas. First, Zach had a sweet idea to do now that we have a baby. His dad never really did much of the Christmas shopping and Zach thinks it's important for our children to understand giving so he's planning on taking the kids every year to get a special gift for mommy! This year I was at Target running some errands and he met Kye and I there then took Kye around the store so they could pick out something together. It was sweet to see the two of them and so precious that Zach was so proud as he rarely does stuff in public with Kye alone so he enjoyed the baby attention! here's what they picked out for me (a sneak peak at Christmas morning)...Guess Who! A great game I loved growing up and one that Kye wants to play with me someday :) Kye and I got Daddy a book mark with Kye's picture

Santa's Little Helper

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I meant to post this before the holidays but I got in too much of a rush. I got Kye these cute pjs to wear on Christmas morning! My mom found him cuter ones so I decided to take some pictures of him in front of our tree and put the rocking chair that Nana gave to him to good use :) He was ready for Christmas!                  

Baby-led Weaning Book

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

As anyone who reads this blog knows I've been seriously stressing about nutrition for Kye. I hate not knowing for sure what is best for him and have been hunting for something to help me. I am a follower of the Babywise Mom Blog and she recently did a post on the book Baby-led Weaning . She hasn't actually done it herself but the post was written by mothers who have and I decided to order the book and see what it was all about. Well it's my next favorite thing to Babywise! I read the book in one sitting. Seriously! I sat in Kye's play area and let him play while I read it and folded corners. It was SO good. Actually it was a super sweet moment between Kye and I too as when I was reading I noticed that he had picked up a book and come and sat next to me. He was sitting quietly and looking and the book and turning the pages...just like Mommy! It made me feel less guilty for reading instead of playing :) Anyway. I will be discussing a lot of the book in future post

100% Off The Breast

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like the title? Haha I still laugh like a little kid when I write the word "breast." Anyway, semi-sad news. I'm 100% done breastfeeding as of today :( My plan was to nurse Kye for 6 months and I nursed him for 9 months and 18 days. I actually wasn't ready to stop nursing for our morning session yet. I was fine with dropping the night one as he's so squirmy and ready to play that it's a hassle for us both for him to nurse. But first thing in the morning? He's so sweet and loving! I really enjoy that time together. The past couple nights though Kye hasn't been sleeping well. He's been waking up at random times and seems hungry to me. This morning he was up at 6:15 and wouldn't go back to sleep. I ended up nursing him at 6:45 (usually it's around 7:15) and that's when it hit me. Maybe he's waking up because he's not getting enough to eat all day. Maybe I'm not producing milk like I should be for this feeding. I decided to t

Goodbye Bottle, Hello Sippy!

The sippy cup has been somewhat of a struggle for us. I started when Kye was a little over 6 months old to offer him some water in a Nuby sippy with handles . He took to it pretty well and even drank breast milk from it occasionally without much issues. My problem with the transition was actually my breastfeeding. Since Kye only had bottles a couple times a week it was hard to get him used to drinking from the sippy. Especially since the only time he did get bottles was when we were going places that would be too hard to have him try the sippy first like church, restaurants, and such. I kinda of gave up on the sippy thing for awhile and just offered it to him after he ate solids with some water in it. He would drink from it, but he mostly just played with it. When I went to introduce formula I was tempted to introduce it in a sippy and not a bottle but I knew he'd have a hard enough time getting used to drinking something other than breast milk so I didn't want to push my l

New Vs Old

I'm soooo pumped about my new diamond earrings that Zach got me for Christmas! I know most of my few readers don't even live in Valdosta but if you do happen to live here or ever visit tell your man to stop by Steel's Jewelry ! They really are so awesome! First, Zach bought my engagement ring from them and they allowed me to borrow ANYTHING I wanted to wear on my wedding day! I wore beautiful dangly diamond and pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, and an amazing diamond and pearl broach in my hair. My jewelry was over $10,000. AND they let the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom borrow anything too! My mom wore a necklace that alone was over $20,000! On top of that awesome perk they also do an earring exchange. You can trade in your diamond studs and they give you the value of them towards a new pair! Zach didn't even buy my original studs from them but they still gave him a couple hundred dollars for them toward my new ones! How awesome is that? They

Tough but Necessary

Monday, December 21, 2009

On our way up to Banner Elk I hoped to stop by and visit Uncle Spear and Aunt Cheryl who live in Greenville, South Carolina. We ended up needing to wait to stop on the way back because Uncle Spear wouldn't be there on our way up. I was SO nervous about visiting! For as long as I can remember I have dealt with "tough stuff" by living in a state of denial about it. Uncle Spear was recently diagnosed with ALS. The normal Emily wouldn't have visited. I'd want to think of Uncle Spear how I have always known him: goofy, funny, healthy nut, story-telling, strong, Uncle Spear. I don't want to think of him as sick. Or as frail. Why would I want to have that image of him? I'd rather just go on with life pretending like he's fine and not thinking about it. When Nana died I decided to change. I know denying everything isn't healthy! I have to face reality. I saw Nana after she passed away. I would NEVER do that normally! Not EVER! But I did and it made me f

Finally some Skiing!

On Monday we got up early and looked outside and it was going to be a nice day! Time to hit the slopes! We always ski at Beech Mountain as it's the cheaper of the mountains up there and it's kinda where our trip originally started. We first went to Banner Elk our first year together. Zach had just won the National Championship his red shirt freshman year and we met a group from VSU to go up to Banner Elk to take a ski class for a couple days over Christmas break! It earned us a 1 hour credit, taught me to ski, and created a place that Zach and I cherish! I'm so glad we went! Anyways I'm glad we went when we did and waited until Monday to go. The prices were great! $30 for the whole day versus the regular $60! The only bad thing was that it was HOT. I mean like in the 50s which is pretty dang warm to be all geared up in ski stuff. For the first time EVER I skied without my hat or gloves! Here's some pictures from our fun day together! I think next year we're g
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