Christmas Pre-Game

Yes, get ready for a TON of pictures from Christmas! I took 900 in just three days!!! Before we get to all of that, I thought I’d share some of our fun that took place prior to Christmas.

First, Zach had a sweet idea to do now that we have a baby. His dad never really did much of the Christmas shopping and Zach thinks it’s important for our children to understand giving so he’s planning on taking the kids every year to get a special gift for mommy! This year I was at Target running some errands and he met Kye and I there then took Kye around the store so they could pick out something together. It was sweet to see the two of them and so precious that Zach was so proud as he rarely does stuff in public with Kye alone so he enjoyed the baby attention!

here’s what they picked out for me (a sneak peak at Christmas morning)…Guess Who! A great game I loved growing up and one that Kye wants to play with me someday 🙂

Kye and I got Daddy a book mark with Kye’s picture on it. Great idea, but the catch was that I had to order 25 just to get ONE!

The weekend before Christmas we went over to Mema’s house to celebrate Christmas with her and with Mrs. Charlotte’s side of the family. It’s a nice tradition to do it so early as it makes Christmas a little less stressful and it helps us start to get in the Christmas spirit! The funniest thing that happened over there was that Zach’s 16 year old cousin has thought all this time that Kye’s name is actually “Kite” hahaha I died! I never thought anyone would confuse his name that way but I guess it’s possible!!!

The whole Parker clan…Zach’s little cousin was the photographer and she wasn’t so awesome!

our little family

In getting ready for Christmas I had a LOT of cards to buy! My family is big on the cards which is so fun and we have several birthdays around Christmas (Mom’s, Dad’s AND Charlotte’s) so I went ahead and got cards for those events too. I know everyone wants Kye to sign a card for them and it was hilarious. He just wanted to eat the pen and it ended up allll over him haha

I have been SO pumped about having my family come to OUR house this year (we usually go to Melbourne but with Nana in Heaven we thought it’d be best to have Mom come up here instead). I had to show off my little place settings at the table, they turned out too cute

Mom got to our house a couple days prior to Christmas and she couldn’t get over how BIG our tree is! She said you can’t tell how big it is in the pictures I put up here haha. So we took a picture of Kye under it as a reference point, yup it’s HUGE

Finally, on Christmas Eve Kye and I got to put up our last little thing on our Advent Calendar. I grew up loving my mom’s and had fun finding the perfect one for our house last year when I was pregnant. This year Kye had so much fun putting one up each day as we counted down for Christmas. He knew to be gentle with them and not put them in his mouth haha. Each time we put one up we’d count down all the days and I’d bounce him for each number then tickle him when we got to 1. I know as he grows up this will only be more and more fun!

Next up: Christmas Eve with the Parkers!

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