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Zach's New Ride!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back in the day before we got married I drove a Jetta that my dad paid for. Once we got married my dad took the Jetta back and I was stuck without a car. Zach and I decided to take out a student loan and buy me a truck because once we could afford nicer cars Zach could keep the truck as a "work truck." We each got new cars in April of last year (Zach traded his Trailblazer for an Accord and I got a CRV) and have kept the truck parked in front of our house. It has RARELY been used and we've had to put money into it to fix the breaks. Not fun. A couple weeks ago we got a letter from our neighborhood saying we needed to move our eyesore non-working truck from the street. Soooo what were we gonna do with it??? About this time Cash for Clunkers started and Zach came up with the idea of using the truck as a clunker and trading in his Accord (as it ALREADY has 45,000 miles on it!) to get something else. We were thinking about getting a Chevy Colorado as it has a 4 door cab fea

Indoor Pool Fun

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I feel like I haven't done a normal post in forever! I'm so behind! Back almost a month ago when we went to Panama City Beach we were SO impressed with the place we stayed. Like I said, Gage has a condo on the beach and while being ON the beach was cool...Zach and I both liked the pool even better! It was part "indoor" (covered with a roof but open on the sides) and part outdoor. Kye got sick of the beach pretty quickly (sand and babies do NOT mix) but he ADORED the pool! Seeing him have so much fun was mine and Zach's favorite part of the trip! First time feeling the water with Daddy Very curious about what it was all about He is a natural little mer-man! Kicked and pulled right from the start :) Swimming with Daddy I took several videos on my camera (our video camcorder is broken...sad!) and here's one of Kye "swimming": While he loved the water he especially enjoyed playing on the side of the poo

Nana and I through the years

Monday, August 24, 2009

I really wanted to be able to put pictures with my last post but I was in Melbourne and didn't have them easily accessible to me :) Now that my computer is fixed (had a mega virus...$80 and a week later it's cured!) I thought I'd post pictures of Nana and I together through the years. I used a lot of these on the video we played at her funeral and I love that they show us during such happy times (mostly on holidays or at Longdoggers our fav !). I will miss her very, very much. My graduation 2003 Mom's birthday Out to eat My little fam Longdoggers ! Japanese Steak House Christmas Christmas Christmas Longdoggers with Brandon (and some awful hair) Christmas (sweater and scarf Z and I gave her!) Holding hands at Longdoggers :) Bridal Shower at Mom's Rehearsal Dinner My wedding day!!! She was a hit with her beautiful hat :) Family Reunion in Michigan, we look so alike with dark hair Christmas My Uncle and Aunts 25 th Anniversary "re-wedding" with my cousi

A Week Without Pictures

Friday, August 21, 2009

Since Kye has been born I've really had a lot of issues with death and the idea of dying. For awhile I thought my "death issue" was related to becoming a new parent and that somehow that made death more real for me, and therefore more scary too. I now feel like God was preparing me for what was to come and I am so thankful for all the time I spent exploring the ideas of death and coming to my own conclusions. Around the same time that death was on my mind Ashley had me read The Shack. I'd heard of it before and new it was a religious book and since I'm not super into that kind of thing I never picked it up. I'm SO thankful that she had me borrow it and it has seriously changed my life and my spirituality (I will eventually write a post about it on its own). I'm still not done with it yet but one of the main things that I love that it said is that EVERYTHING from God is GOOD and if something isn't good then it's not from God. We ALL know that d

My First Time At The Gulf Coast!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zach and I have known Gage for several years now as we met back in Public Relations classes in college. Zach and Gage have stayed in touch and have met up for lunch once in awhile. Well Gage has always mentioned how he has a beach condo down in Panama City Beach and that we should go sometime! Why not go for Zach's birthday weekend? The view from his pretty!!! Kye LOVED the mirror wall! I even took a quick little video of it (yes, I'm taking more videos as our real video camera isn't working so these are all I have!) We didn't get there until LATE Friday night...we thought we'd be able to rush down after Kye's 3:00 feeding and make it to the condo before his 7:00 one but we were wrong and we ended up having to park in some random parking lot 20 min shy of the destination so I could nurse. Then of course Z accidentally left his Polo sunglasses I got him for our anniversary on top of the car and they we

Zach's 25th Birthday

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday was Zach's 25th Birthday! I really wanted to make the day a special one, and I think I was successful ;) Here's the old man with all his presents! Mom got him 2 really cool shirts that he loves and a cool hat too! This would make an awesome profile picture for him if he had a facebook! So good! Since we've been dieting and we're hurting for money I thought I'd get a smaller cake this year...we pigged out on it too and had a "cheat weekend" haha Reading the card Kye got Daddy! Helping open presents..good practice for Christmas! From Kye (it went with the golf themed birthday) Every year Zach and I have a budget for how much we're allowed to spend on each other at each holiday. And each holiday we go WAY over. My last birthday Zach more than doubled the was awesome but we just can't afford to keep doing that. This year for his birthday I am so proud of myself b/c I stuck to the budget exactly (well I don't count
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