15 Week OBGYN Visit

I was telling Zach this morning how funny it is the way things change. With Kye, Zach came to every single appoint (except for one!). With Britt, he came to the majority of appointments. With Leo? He will come to all the ultrasound appointments or if we have concerns or something out of the norm. I am BIG about treating all kids the same, as well as we are able to, so you’d think I’d be hardcore about trying to figure out ways for Zach to be at all the appointments this time since he was previous times. Nope! I actually enjoy the alone time in the waiting room. The “girl time” (yes, visiting with my OB counts as girl time okay?) with Stacy. Heck, the experience is basically like “Me time.” And honestly, the more kids we have…the more money Zach needs to be making so the harder he has to work and the less time he needs to be taking off to come to appointments. It is VERY easy right now for me to schedule my appointments. Kye goes to school 5 days a week and Mrs. Charlotte doesn’t mind at all taking Britt home with her when she drops of Payton. She gets some special Britt time and I get to go to my appointment solo ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Today was another in and out quick visit! I love those for sure! My blood pressure looked great and my weight was fine. It’s winter and I wear thick clothes every visit so it’s always pretty off from my home scale so I don’t even worry about what theirs says!

It’s fun that Stacy and I are pregnant (again!) at the same time. She is having a boy so we talked about that some and they are super excited! It’s not super mega common for people to have three kids so it’s nice to have her to talk to about it at these appointments!

First thing…got to hear that precious heartbeat! If we didn’t have the ability to take videos on our phones then I’m sure we would still figure out how to let Zach come to the appointments…b/c really that’s the best part! I LOVE that I can take a video and he can hear it right away! He actually tried to come up to the office to be there with me b/c he had a little extra time but I got back so fast he missed it! Here is Leo’s heartbeat!  Lower than last time…in the 150s! 

Here are some things we discussed:

  • She said up until 20 weeks I’m FINE to sleep on my back!!! Then after that point I need to be on either side. Yes, left side is best but it’s okay to be on my right side too. Whew
  • My biggest concern has been my cramping after intimacy. It’s completely ruined my ability to be intimate with my husband at all…HELLO tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I’m so, so glad I asked her about it because she said the main thing that causes the cramping is “his deposit”. (tmi? Sorry!) So it’s an easy fix and it should make a big difference in my comfort afterwards!
  • I asked about the whopping cough vaccine and she said that ANYONE who will be in contact with our baby for the first 3 MONTHS of life MUST have the vaccine. Must! Our kids are fine b/c they follow their dr schedule of shots. But everyone else, has to have it! She said even if they have had it before that they need to get it again! The problem is that they don’t know when the vaccine is wearing off…so they advice that anytime you are pregnant to have everyone get it just to be safe. It’s a VERY scary thing and this is something I plan to be hardcore about for sure! It’s too easy to prevent to not be hardcore! She also said I will get mine at around 26 weeks!
  • I asked her my “should I sell my stroller and buy a whole new travel system” question…I guess people just don’t use strollers like I do? haha. She didn’t really have a recommendation about that! So I’m on my own!
  • I’ve been nervous that maybe I’m too comfortable about the delivery experience. You hear all the time that the 3rd baby will just fall out…but I mean is that TRUE? She said, YES! It’s true!!! It should all be very, very easy this time around. YAYYYYYYYY ๐Ÿ™‚
  • In some bad news though…hospital policy is that NO CHILDREN under the age of 12 (unless a sibling of the newborn) are allowed in the delivery/nursery/postpartum area of the hospital. That means when Casey has her baby…I gotta have a babysitter to keep my kids at home. And that means when I have my baby…Casey has to have one to keep her baby at home. BOO.
  • I booked our 4d ultrasound yesterday but wanted to ask her when is the best time to get one for the best pictures and she said between 24 and 29 weeks! I scheduled it for 26 weeks and 4 days ๐Ÿ™‚

I went ahead and got my flu shot. Which if you know me, then you know it was REALLY hard for me to say yes to getting it. I loathe shots. The main reason I do natural childbirth is to avoid needles! But Stacy said how important it is for me and for Leo and I don’t want to go through it again after I went through it at Christmas. Plus Casey was around all of us when we all got it and she didn’t get it…and she had the shot already. So I got it. For the first time ever! And I was a “big girl” about it and didn’t even cry ๐Ÿ˜‰

I go back the Monday after we get home from Disney for the BIG appointment! Ultrasound time!!! And our top secret friend will know the sex!!! We have decided NOT to do the genetic tests unless Stacy reviews the ultrasound and recommends getting it. We also decided not to bring the kids to this appointment. We are taking them both to the 4D ultrasound and would rather this one get to just be us and Leo ๐Ÿ™‚

Another great visit, praising the Lord for our healthy blessing!!!

You can see my 16 week visit from Kye’s pregnancy here! His heartbeat was 148. And I also asked about the 4d ultrasound timing haha. 

You can also see my 14 week visit from Britt’s pregnancy here! Her heartbeat was also in the 150s. 

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  1. ChelleyN
    February 17, 2014 / 3:13 am

    The winter I was pregnant with Brenson was the first and only flu shot I have ever had (and not because I have a needle issue . . . HELLO I've done 7 fertility cycles where I had to give injections to MYSELF!!! but because I just never bothered to get it). My doctor said to me, "Do you know what happens to pregnant women who get the flu? They die." I about fell off the table, haha! So, after that, I got the shot :-).

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